Heart Mind

When the attachment to thoughts subsides our mind naturally gets quiet and we begin to experience gaps between thoughts. In these gaps, we can hear the soft -spoken voice of the heart. This soft-spoken voice is a compass, that can point us to the direction we need to travel – inward.

In life, sometimes we need guidance and advice so we may look outward to our friends and family for counsel and wisdom.  My advice to you is this, seek the inward path to your own inner teacher, it’s there for us at any time and any place. This guide has always been there within us we were born with it, at times it’s just difficult or impossible to hear. The voice of the heart is quiet, soft and non-intrusive. On the other had the external noises of life are often so harsh and loud that the sotto voice of our heart is drowned out completely.

What can we do to hear our inner guidance? Daily seek a place of solitude and calm and simply stop. Set everything down. Be still. Take several long slow deep breaths in and out. Allow yourself to settle. Each day we have the opportunity to acknowledge this inner stillness and the soft voice of our can our heart-mind. Each day we can make this moment of stillness a priority. It’s up to us.


6 thoughts on “Heart Mind

  1. So glad we met and thank you for the wonderful flute CD.
    Happy travels in your new Zen Mobile.

  2. Nice to have met you guys too! I hope to see you again soon, poerhaps when I take the ole zenmobile out your way to visit the Kona side. Best, Robert

  3. Hi.

    I stumbled upon this podcast, looking for something to help me sleep.

    I fell in love at the first listen. I’ve listened to it everyday since then. At work, I listen to it over and over, and whispers the lines I’ve come to know by heart, while tapping random numbers into my computer, registering data.

    I’m having trouble and my heart mind is completely drowned out by this trouble. But I didn’t even knew it was still there until i heard this. I’ve felt I lost the language between me and my body, even though we are the same. I feel I’m on the right path now, knowing what to listen for.

    I guess I’m just here to thank you. A 26 year old, little scared girl from Sweden, finding a path. Finally thinking, I’m not broken, I’m not lost. I am here, I am me and I need only that to move forward. I need only to listen to the whispers where everybody screams.

    So, Robert, thank you. A stranger knew my potential, without knowing me. It gives me so much hope.

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