I’m currently writing a book titled “Waking Up in the Dream World.” I’m sharing excerpts 2-3 times a week on the Facebook Page here: AQM Facebook Page

-the ego is a creation of the mind, a false entity, so our fear-based global society has been built upon a foundation of imagined fears projected from a false platform, fueled by the paranoia of the ego. The ego’s paranoia arises from its fear of being found out and unmasked as the false idol and the false prophet it pretends to be.

Our society and our global reality is a reflection of the false self, so nothing in this mirrored image of the false self will ever make any sense to the heart-mind. The very design of all of this is meant to confuse and baffle us into seeking the truth from within ourselves. Everything that arises outside of ourselves isn’t “IT” this does not mean the world is imperfect and needs our help to right itself and be ok. That concept is how the ego perceives it.

The world, the universe (including us) and everything in it is perfection and love when viewed from the heart in stillness. With a clear and quiet mind all is seen as perfection and nothing needs changing. Practice the view from the heart-mind to know this for yourself.


The reason it is called the gateless gate is this: there is no gate at all, says so right there; “gateless” gate. If there is no gate then how does one get there?

We create a gate, we create a barrier there in the mind, a barrier that can only be removed by awakening to the fact that all resistance is created in the mind, that the ego creates the concept something must be passed through before awakening but the real truth is awakening to this, there is nothing to pass through.

The enlightenment is the awakening to this fact, there is no one or no-thing to awaken.


Thus far we have looked back into our past and recalled a period where silence of the mind was the norm and we lived our lives without the inner director, the critic and the thinker.

Before we were thinkers of thoughts we all experienced life without a ”self.” We possessed no knowledge of “me, mine and I.” In fact, we were thought-free beings; breathing, eating and surviving without an identity and without any thinking about me, me, busy, busy.

Can you hear your own inner voice?

Stop and check in.
Listen to it now.
What is it saying?


Can you remember not knowing you existed? Can you recall pre thought? This sounds like an impossible feat but can you recall the days before you were conditioned to believe you were a separate someone, back to a time when you looked into the mirror and thought you were seeing not yourself but another baby or another being?

This state in our development is referred to as preconscious being. We were born and came into being without an ego, we didn’t know we existed apart from the rest of the cosmos and everything in it. When we arrived here on this spinning ball of fire, ice, water, wood and mineral, we had no idea that we were a ‘somebody’.


Our ego perceived reality of self is one that is limited to linear time, conditioning, perceptions and beliefs. Before knowledge and or creation of the small self (ego), there was no belief system in place that said objects, the universe and all beings exist outside of you and are separate from you.

There was no notion of subject and object. No duality. Before ego you were Source being itself, not someone or something connected to Source but Source being itself. Nothing has changed yet everything has changed. Source still IS. Only a belief system keeps you from being all that you seek.

Know this: It’s impossible to become disconnected from our Source because we are THAT. There is no need to reconnect to anything.

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  1. Hi Robert,

    How far are you in your project? The book is gonna be fantastic and inspiring. Could you give us an idea of when it could come out on the bookshelves?

    Thanx for all your podcasts to start with.

  2. I can’t wait to read your book “Waking Up In The Dream World”. Is it available now by chance, and I just don’t know where to look?

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