Happiness Now

In every moment there is the opportunity to see that your true nature is happiness. There is no need to seek for what is already yours. The treasure is within you.

  • Spend quiet time alone contemplating nothingness
  • See that you are perfect in this moment
  • Accept things as they are and be gracious
  • Change is a constant
  • Thoughts will come and go
  • You are much bigger than you know
  • Practice being still
  • The felling you have that everything is OK is not wishful thinking
  • In the morning be aware of the morning Grinch telling you that everything is miserable, you are miserable, it’s all miserable.
  • Who or what is that voice inside you?
  • Enquire, be curious and know your true Self

4 thoughts on “Happiness Now

  1. Some sweet thinking! Thank you. That is Pat Metheny’s music that trails off at the end margin?

  2. “Suffering is a misunderstanding…it’s a dissatisfaction with what is in this moment. That’s all.”

    I cannot describe how your words resonate with me. I feel as though I have been walking blindly in the darkness recently, only to stumble upon your podcasts which have drenched my world in light. I thank you.

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