The Groundless Ground of Being

A talk about the ground of being, emptiness, and the primordial state of being: kicking ourselves out of any nest of supposed understanding we may have reached. We are exiting the zero space of the non-dual abiding. Compassion and empathy can pull us out of the bliss bunny ride. The perfect present is a part of our conciseness. We’re not adding anything to our understanding. Instead, we’re rediscovering what already exists within us all.

What a Wonderful World

This podcast is about the amazing, beautiful, and mysterious world we live in and how we’re a part of it.


There’s an Octopus in my Head

This podcast talks about walking meditation, zazen, mindfulness, and nature as teacher and guide.

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corn flower


The Tale of the Headless Buddha

This podcast talks about practices that open the heart and promote compassion and empathy. One of the best ways for you to help the podcast is to give us a five-star review on iTunes. If you want to become a patron, here’s the link to that site. Patreon