The Highway 101 Blues

It’s Monday morning and your late again. Your stuck in bumper to bumper traffic and losing it. That jerk in the convertible just cut you off and that crazy person behind you is ridding your ass. Your trapped behind a Wal-Mart truck that is spewing diesel fumes into your passenger side widow making you choke and tear up. The widows rolled down because the air conditioner is on the fritz again and your spritzing like an animal. You can feel the rage beginning to build up inside you.

It’s hot, smelly, overcrowded and insane.  You’re on the edge…

How can you possibly meditate or relax in this situation? Listen to this podcast to learn some ways to help you navigate through the chaos and noise.  Explore some innate abilities that help you cope and relive your suffering, dis-ease and stress.

3 thoughts on “The Highway 101 Blues

  1. Hi Robert, I love your podcast and your soothing voice. Your subjects are very revelent in my life. Unfortunately about 1/2 thru it cuts off. Very disappointing. Have a nice day.

  2. Where were you listening to the podcast from? iTunes? The website?
    I want to fix it if it’s broken.



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