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3 thoughts on “Newsletter

  1. Hello Robert.
    My friend recommended you to me as my life is literally trying to kill me. It won’t though. I have loved ones that need me here. Quick run down:
    I have bipolar disorder since I was 17. I’m 42 now. I pretty much keep it controlled. Sometimes though, I want to just let go and release the wildness in me. I’m never violent, just “too happy”!
    I have stage 2 lung cancer. I’ve never smoked. Had six sessions of chemo. It’s still there, much smaller. Radiotherapy didn’t work, and I’m not suitable for surgery. Ho hum! I’ll get there.
    My daughter may have a brain tumour, something has shown up on her MRI scan. She won’t tell me anything, because I’m ill!
    I really would like to have your resources to help me. I think it’s worth a try. What worries me is a cannot at this time to donate to help you do what you do. I’m not someone that is happy not to be able to pay it forward. Would it be at all possible for you to let me know if there is any other way I can contribute to what you do?
    Much love, Charlotte

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