A Guide to your True Nature – Awakening 101

Speak from your heart the latent truth which resides there and it will emerge into the dream world as fact. Nurture the innate wisdom you carry inside by spending time in solitude and silence. Trust in that which arises inside you and guides you to face your fears, to love, to serve and to humble yourself. Open your heart by giving to someone in need. All sentient beings deserve your love. Be grateful for everything that has happened in the past. It has all happened for a reason, to bring you to this point in time. You are blessed. You have everything you need. LIfe is a gift. To see this life as a blessing, practice acceptance, forgiveness and compassion. In doing this you will step into and activate your true nature thus embodying your full potential. This action manifests dormant passions and stimulates your heart’s voice, revealing your purpose for being. Your calling is to love, serve and remember, to remember why you are here and who you truly are.

You are much bigger than you think.

Understand this; you are not the tiny mind that bleats worrisome thoughts inside your brain nor are you the fearful and impotent being you imagine yourself to be. You are not controlled by the media, the government or society. You are not the one who is enslaved and tortured by the stories and lies the mind spins. These ways of deceit and deception that arise in your mind are not true. They are not you and you are not bound to what they say. You are not the story you tell yourself. You are not the tiny mind, timidly living out your time here waiting to go someplace else, some place safer, better, quieter. Life is not a waiting room. You are here now in this moment to wake up and know this as fact. You are the Big Heart, the Big Mind, the Big Love that holds everything in existence. You are the energy that is comprised of love, courage, compassion, joy, bliss and contentment. You are what you are seeking. Nothing needs to be added to you to actualize your True Self and embrace your True Nature of Mind. Do this; stop looking outside for it; seek inside for the answers. No one else can or will acknowledge your true beingness for you; you must do this for yourself. There will be no outside validation of your innate wisdom. There is no one or no thing to be enlightened. There is no tiny mind. The tiny mind, the tiny self, is the only thing in existence that isn’t real. The illusion of self, a separate me, mine and I is all that is holding you back from total freedom. There are pointers to this truth and they are simple.

Be Still.
You are what you seek.
Love is your foundation.
See this inside you.
You are everything and nothing – Be this no thing – Be this everything.
Embrace not knowing.
Throw away being clever.
Stop being right.
You are not broken.
The world is not broken.
Nothing needs fixing.
You are free.
You are not the thoughts that arise in your mind.
Stop. Listen. Breathe and just be YOU.

A return to Self without effort.

Imagine Source, Isness or original nature as the ocean and thoughts, feelings or emotions are like the waves that arise from that ocean.

Picture the birth of a wave in your mind’s eye. Can you see it rise up slowly from the sea, arching and curling its back like a whale? It breaches upwards toward the sky until its own weight brings it back toward its source, creating a curl that becomes a tube. The tube rolls and tumbles, gaining momentum and drive as it barrels along, spraying a salty mist into the air.

You can hear the thunderous roar of its path. Then suddenly it snaps its mouth shut, quickly spewing a fine, salty spray into the air as it crashes violently back into the azure depths. In its path it leaves little behind to prove it even existed in time and space, nothing but a bit of swirling foam and swirling eddies. It’s as if it never existed at all.

There are many types of waves, too many to mention here, each one quite different from the other, all of them one of a kind, and yet they all have one thing in common: Though they appear to break from their source and become independent, any casual observer can see that they always remain connected to their source. They are momentarily taking a different shape but they are still ocean. They are nothing but the source itself taking a different form. For an instant they become an expression of their master.

When we observe the waves, they appear to come and go, rise and fall and touch the shore, but they are always connected, never taking flight fully, only momentarily aloft, still attached firmly to their mother. Like the waves, we too seemingly break from our source when we attach to a thought, a concept or an idea. At times we may have thoughts, feelings, emotions and beliefs that we are separate from our source but this is only a thought and these thoughts are illusions created by habit and conditioning. We have created belief systems that we are lost and need to reconnect to our god. If we drop the urge to cling to the old ways of thinking, we can be free in this moment of all illusion, doubt and trepidation. These thoughts are not true and they have no power unless we give them power. They are only thoughts.

When thoughts arise that tell us we are separate from source, we can allow them to run their course, without clinging to them. If we let them pass, they will simply lose momentum. Putting attention on them, holding onto them, gives them energy and volition. Simply stop, become aware of the thoughts, notice the urge to cling to them, to put your attention on them, and just let them be. Like the waves, they will settle back into their natural state. If left alone, they will return to their source of nothingness. All thought arises from nothingness.

Everything arrives from nothingness. This is our source and like the waves, we are never separate from our source. The thoughts we may have about being detached and lost may momentarily distract us and if given enough focus, we can create the concept that we are not connected and need to reconnect to Source. These thoughts are false and if left alone, will die off, leaving only the truth in their wake. But one must inquire, one must ask questions. Where do these thoughts arise, what is the source of all thought and who am I?

Here’s an exercise one could try. Follow the arising thought back to its source. When a thought arises in the mind, try to assess where it came from. If you are diligent, the act of following the thought back to its source will bring you back to your source. When we follow a thought back to its source, it simply disappears into the vast open space from where it emerged. The no-thing.

What is that space, that nothingness? We are that space. We are the vast open field of all possibilities. That is our true nature. Space is empty yet full, full yet empty and we are that; full yet empty, empty yet full. Like the waves, our thoughts have only momentarily reached out from their source but in truth, they have not left it at all. This action of mind, to think, creates and manifests the grand illusion that we are separate and disconnected from our Source. We believe that we are lost and we don’t know the way back home. Now we have a mission; we must create or find a map back to our Source; then we will be happy, whole and complete. We search tirelessly to find this map back to the territory. We search the cosmos to find the one person, the teacher, who can lead us back home and we are deluded into believing that someone can help us find our way back to our own hearts.

This belief we carry, that we are separate and estranged from our Source, is an illusion created by grasping and clinging to thoughts and beliefs we have constructed in our life. What if we stopped believing we were lost? What if we saw, like the waves, we are still connected, still attached to our Source and there was never any need to find our way back because we were never lost and we had never left?

What if we started to believe there is no need to work hard at this and there is no need to create or find a map back to center? Can we see that we have arrived, we are home and we never left? All we need to do is leave thought alone and it will return to its source without any effort on our part. There is no method to being home. It’s in our nature to return to Source and its all in our mind. If we allow it, it will happen by osmosis. If we just leave thought alone, it will find its way back home all by itself, effortless, without any practice or trying at all. Just be. Just sit. Just be still and see that you never left. In the stillness you can see it. In the stillness you have arrived.

Right now we are a wave thinking it’s a cloud, far removed and separate from our Source. This is just a thought. Stop thinking this thought; just let it be. No need to let it go; just see it will return to its Source by its own volition. Let the wave fall back into the ocean.

Nothing to do

Nothing to be

Nothing to understand

Nothing to let go of

Your nature is always freedom

Return to the origin of thought itself

No need to understand

Throw away everything in name and form and jump into the unknown

Who are you when there is no past or future?

In that split second of not knowing, you are enlightened

Stop. Breathe and Be

Lizard Brain is Behind the Wheel

Do you have lizard brain behind the wheel? Scared? Fearful? Angry? Defensive? This podcast addresses our survival instinct we may have while driving and how we can evolve beyond a scared reptile into a calm, kind and compassionate traveler.  Know the warning signs of lizard brain driving:

  • Feeling a lack of control
  • Anger
  • Rage
  • Feeling trapped or powerless
  • Feeling suppressed
  • Outbursts of anger like shouting, cursing
  • Using your car like a shell or shield for protection
  • Using your car as a weapon or threat
  • Identify with your car as an extension of you

You are not your car; this is not your hermit shell that needs protection. Do you want to defend your car and your opinion or do you want to feel peaceful and calm in this moment? Remember you are not your story, your feelings, emotions, thoughts or possessions. You are something much bigger than that. Your co-pilot is calm.


The Highway 101 Blues

It’s Monday morning and your late again. Your stuck in bumper to bumper traffic and losing it. That jerk in the convertible just cut you off and that crazy person behind you is ridding your ass. Your trapped behind a Wal-Mart truck that is spewing diesel fumes into your passenger side widow making you choke and tear up. The widows rolled down because the air conditioner is on the fritz again and your spritzing like an animal. You can feel the rage beginning to build up inside you.

It’s hot, smelly, overcrowded and insane.  You’re on the edge…

How can you possibly meditate or relax in this situation? Listen to this podcast to learn some ways to help you navigate through the chaos and noise.  Explore some innate abilities that help you cope and relive your suffering, dis-ease and stress.