A guided meditation for facing our fears








In this episode we will use a guided meditation to face our fears. We will go into the source of our fears and use wisdom, courage and love to conquer them for good.

11 thoughts on “A guided meditation for facing our fears

  1. very clear and totally correct,thanks, it was easy and it works.Our new president said”Hope over Fear” a great time in human history to overcome fear and move toward peace.

  2. I found this meditation to be very empowering thanks to your gentle, inspirational voice. To love from the heart makes fear an unwelcomed guest. Thank you for being you.

  3. I am in a situation that I could see no clear way out. This pod cast enabled me to focus on my problem, fear, fear of people and their opinion of me.

    Thank you for helping me see and for finding a way out.

  4. Hi Robert,

    Your podcasts are great.
    Today I was listening to facing our fears.

    I think it is quite true that fear can be programmed into us.

    This happens from a very early age, when children are taught about the world. As a parent myself, I have to be very careful not to project my own fears and insecurities onto my children, while at the same time teaching them common-sense about avoiding danger (e.g, crossing the road, being careful with electricity, and so on).

    In the poem Desiderata I read that fears can also arise out of loneliness or frustration, and this is so true.

    Anyway, thanks for all the great work

  5. I’ve been listening to this episode and the one about breathing on loop all day long. I have a doctors appointment this afternoon where I’m going to get back some test results and I’m very nervous as I haven’t been to the doctor in quite some time. I’m trying to conquer my fear of the doctor by attacking it head-on but it’s been a tough week full of anxiety. Thank you for giving me tools to stay calm.

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