My gift to you! Two tracks off my CD, Flight of the Hawk

Native american flute musicIt’s with great pleasure that I announce the re-release of my CD, Flight of the Hawk!

This CD was recorded in Sedona, Arizona in 2000 and then re-mastered by an old and dear friend of mine, Kevin Peterson (thanks Kev!).  It contains music performed on the Native American Flute, drum, didgeridoo, and guitar, all performed by me and accompanied by nature sounds. This CD is very special to me as it has some recordings that were created in a little cabin in one of the most inspirational and spiritual places that I know.  The magic and wonder of Sedona comes through strongly in this recording and I do hope that it heals, brings peace and a little joy into your lives.

Flight of the Hawk is available by download from Amazon, Itunes and many other distributors on the Internet.  As a gift to you, my valued listeners, I am making two of the tracks available at no charge for your enjoyment.

If you have a coupon for this CD from a previous sale that had not gone through, please contact me and I will make sure that you get your copy.  It’s available only in digital format at this time.

Enjoy a few tracks from Flight of the Hawk:  You may click on the player arrow button to listen or download the mp3’s to your hard drive by control clicking on the  audio mp3 bar below and choosing “save as”

14 thoughts on “My gift to you! Two tracks off my CD, Flight of the Hawk

  1. Robert,

    I’ve just ‘downloaded’ on iTunes & listened to the album… ‘breath-taking beauty’ used to be something that we could only see with our eyes… “Flight of the Hawk” breaks new ground by presenting that notion for our ears to also enjoy, – without a doubt when I want to ‘escape the world’… I’ll be grabbing my iPod to ‘enjoy’ – as this truly is a sensational album!!! – Thanks!

    Love & affection

  2. Dear Robert,
    I have just placed a review on your itunes site. I need to say thank you for being here for me! You truely are an angel working on the world. The music is Amazin!!!!!!! as i’m a musician myself, Its a great way to express good stuff to your own soul and to others, well done you! Robert!.
    So if you ever need a drummer/percussion please ask and i will be on the next plane from London to you.

    Don’t change and keep the great work your doing……


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  4. Hi Robert,

    I have been enjoying my subscription for awhile now. Recently I somehow activated a quiet mind widget which when my dashboard opened I was treated to some wonderful soothing music. It just disappeared, too bad, I loved it. Can you give me some pointers on how I could reinstall it.

    I really appreciate all your kind soothing words, thoughts and sounds,


  5. Hi Rod,

    I’m glad you liked the music, but I don’t know what widget this was, was it on your own website or AQM?


  6. I just purchased this album from the iTunes store. It’s my gift to you Robert! I’m giving it a listen as I write.

    A few weeks ago, I discovered your podcasts and have been enjoying them with my lunch hour. I’ve even been able to incorporate some of your themes into my own meditations. I’m glad for the archive. I’m almost all caught up. :)

    I’ve been meaning to check out your website, but this is the first chance I have had to do so. Keep up the great work. Cheers.


  7. Hi Michael,

    Thanks so much for your purchase! I’m very happy that the tunes and the podcasts are doing their work.


  8. Thank you for your wonderful podcasts. I have listened to every one. I listen to tons of podcasts…over 500 and your podcasts for some reason really calm me and I love the music so much…especially love the very beginning of the podcasts. The sound just puts me in the best place. Thanks again!

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