New Year or New Moment?


How do we deal with the economic crisis and world situation without reacting from fear, panic or anger. Learn in this new podcast how to come from the moment by connecting with your inner guidance and make decisions based on new habits we create through awareness and calm.

10 thoughts on “New Year or New Moment?

  1. Hi Robert,

    Thanks for the sage words. As always, you have such timely advice and acute insight into the problems we face daily.

    Tonight I have been listening to your podcasts from the last couple of years or so. These bring back such good memories, even when I was in such a bad place. Keep up the great work, and thanks again for sharing your thoughts with us.


  2. Hi Terry,

    Thank you for the kind words. I’m so happy and honored to be able to share this path of awakening with you. I like to listen to the old podcasts too. There are a few little gems in there still :)

    yours in service


  3. Happy New Year to you Robert, your family, and the quiet mind community,

    Thanks for the inspiring podcasts that I consider needed spiritual seeds.

    I have always felt exactly the same way as you expressed in your latest podcast
    about New Year’s celebration in our culture i.e the collective psyche.

    I make an effort to say «our» collective psyche to be inclusive and avoid
    a dualistic «me and the-rest-of-the-world» view.

    I must admit though often feeling like an extra-terrestrial being when observing
    the clash between spiritual values, based on mindfulness, inclusiveness and interdependancy,
    and the predominant social values (at least in my surroundings) that seem to me often based
    on ego and individual interests.

    I realize that this dualistic reaction is spriritually unskillfull and is something I need
    to «work on» in my case…maybe also for others of the quietmind community.

    In reference to the economic crisis, although this might sound fatalistic or
    judgemental but my intention is more optimistic and positive from a spiritual viewpoint ;
    I would suggest the economic «crisis» is a consequence of that egocentric collective
    psyche and, like all individual or collective crises or suffering, is life’s way to put us back
    in a more «spiritual» direction for our own collective good. I guess it’s my understanding
    of karma. So let’s use this crisis as an opportunity to change for the better.

    With Metta,


  4. Hi Marc,

    Thanks for your wonderful comment and listening to the podcasts. I must say that you have really “hit the nail on the head” here about the collective ego mind, good work and thanks for taking the time to share you clear insights with the community. BTW you may want to take a look at the new forum and drop this observation in there. I’m sure many people can benefit from your words.


  5. Hey Robert,
    Thanks for the words. I especially liked the comparison of each moment with the “new year” feeling.

  6. Hi Robert,

    Just wanted to say hello & importantly to say thanks for a sensational Podcast!!!

    I listen to roughly half a dozen or so various podcasts on iTunes, all with diverse interests.

    But yours without a doubt has the most beautiful scenery, you paint pictures with words; the content of which, any photographer would be so proud of, – could they capture the images that you illustrate.

    Last year, I returned from an amazing trip lasting many months (across the Pacific, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia & Thailand). I met many kind beautiful people all with different faiths.

    Although, as sensational as that external journey was… my internal Journey was equally if not more special, now even more so since discovering your Podcasts… they have been utterly wondrous.

    Your passion, honesty & integrity regularly captures my emotions!!! – I so enjoy my new-found concept of a ‘quite-mind’.

    I close by sending you love & affection… hope you have a peaceful & rewarding 2009.


  7. Hi Mark,

    You’re welcome!
    I’m so happy that you find value and beauty in the podcasts.
    I wish that I could take credit for them, but they just pop out of my mouth and into the microphone.

    I just love your detailed description of how you experience the podcasts, very eloquent:)
    I would like to encourage you to share more if you are inclined to do so here A Quiet Mind Forum
    I’m sure the AQM community would love to here from you.

    thank you again for your kind words

    yours in service


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