Why do we use drugs, alcohol and other modes of escape to feel good?

Is this episode of A Quiet Mind we take a look at why we use drugs, alcohol and other methods of escape to feel good even when we know that it’s only temporary. We know it makes us feel good, but we also know it will make us feel bad. Why do we repeat these same actions expecting different results? How can we end the vicious cycle of abusing ourselves in this way? How does the practice of meditation help to end the cycle? Listen to the two part podcast to answer some of these questions and share your stories on the blog for further discussion on this subject.

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21 thoughts on “Why do we use drugs, alcohol and other modes of escape to feel good?

  1. Another great podcast Robert. I have found your podcast very helpfull and will donate when I can.

    Best Wishes


  2. Thank you Robert. I am a recovering alcoholic and find great understanding from your podcast. I look forward to the next one.

    Best wishes


  3. Dear Robert

    I am listening to breaking habits one and two today. I am so grateful I have found your site. Thank you for sharing your wisdom.



  4. Hello all!

    I’m on the road with my family, Tanya, Crucita, Arlo and Tooney. We are all headed to California.


    from Arkansas


  5. Dear Robert

    Hope you and your family have a great time. Your podcasts are thought-provoking and inspiring. I am learning a lot about myself through listening to you.

    Safe & happy journey to you and yours

    Jenny R

  6. Thank you for your podcast. I struggle with quitting marijuana and finding better ways to unwind. I have never been able to just shut off my mind the way a few puffs does after a stressful day. I am hoping at some point to be able to quit, but it will be hard until I can calm and relax my mind on my own.

  7. I find myself yearning for obliteration in substance – it has always been just b/f mensus. As I practice becoming more enlightened – and for me that means staying in the here and now and quieting my mind (hence u’r podcast title) I am finding myself no longer feeling that urge. You’re podcast is a great support to me in a world where support is lacking (my world that is.

    Sat Chit Ananda :)


  8. Hello all,

    We have arrived! Sunny California is wonderful. I do hope that you are all doing well and feeling great.



  9. Like JR, I also seem to find comfort smoking marijuana to ease the stress in my life and ‘noise’ so typically occurring inside of my head. I didn’t start the practice until college…and it has somehow stuck and agreed with me throughout the years. I fully realize that its abuse can ADD to my problems…however…its effect seems so undeniably pleasant at times. I would quit drinking alcohol forever if I had to…and wouldn’t miss it. However, the same cannot be said for the calm state of happiness I can attain after the moderate indulgence of pot. Does this make me a ‘bad’ person? Am I hammering nails into my own coffin with each usage? Am I a ‘drug addict’? Although I meditate frequently, does using take me two steps back? These are the questions that cross my mind. Thank you, Robert.

  10. I downloaded a few of your podcasts today and I really enjoyed listening. The podcasts on anger is what I had listen to. Hearing your words on the issue had made me feel so positive and believe that i can break this habbit of anger. Its going to take some work of using the tool of observing. And remembering that it is a habit and not the real me. I’m sure with listening over again each day or so will help reinforce the positvie feeling. Thanks. Do you have a book out?

  11. Hi Suzanne,

    Funny that when we start no longer identifying with the anger as “me” it begins to loose it’s hold over “us” :0


  12. Hi Robert,

    I have been listening to your podcats now for about 4 months now & am amazed at just how much they have helped me understand some of the things going on in my life & have helped me enjoy my life so much more.

    I am certainly much calmer thanks to you !!
    I have partcularly benefited from listening to the self honesty,the silent observer ,anger & all the ones involving breathing excersises(ie;the heart breath,breathless state etc)

    Could we have some more about the ego & the small self please? as they have been great but I feel I need more help understanding this concept.

    Also (sorry to ask for even more when you have given us so much!!) I dont know if you remember me but I asked for some help with dealing family health problems?( both my Dad & husband have cancer & I have oesteoarthritis) Hopefully when you are not so busy you can write a podcast so we & others in similar situations can cope with the pain & frustration, depression & confusion these challenges bring to our lives.

    Once again thank you SO much for all you do for people who are prepared to try & help & understand themselves & this crazy world !!

    How was/is California? . I hope you will be inspiring us soon with your experiences/thoughts from your time there.

    thank you,

  13. Hi Alison,

    Yes I do remember you and your family well! I hope that you are coping better with things as of late. California is amazing, beautiful and sunny! I will certainly try to address the ego more in future podcasts and I do hope to get around to dealing with disease as well. I’m sure in the future I will cover more on all these subjects. Thanks again for your support.


  14. Hi Robert,
    I think it would be good to spend more time on this subject. It seems that society as a whole tends to ignore the problems associated with alcohol. I think also that the term alcoholic is a tad outdated. By this I mean that these days it’s extremely common in western cultures to be healthy during the week and come the weekend get completely smashed by binge drinking and using recreational drugs. Growing up in the UK, this was a large part of my life. Meeting people that didn’t live this way was almost impossible. I think that it’s a bigger problem than people care to admit and seems almost antisocial not to ‘get out your head’ at the weekend.
    I hope this can be explored further.
    Keep up the good work.

  15. I am new to your podcasts, and I was wondering if you recommend or talk about Buddhism and or meditation?

  16. this is kinda like yoga
    andd Ohh does it work
    but i didnt nead any classes or anything to quit the use of marijuna i justt simply thoughht allot about it andd my life would be more SUCCESFUL withOUT the use of any kind of drug.

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