Drugs and Alcohol Part2

Is there a different way to experience life? A life without the dependency to alcohol, drugs and addictions. How can we stop the destructive path that we are on without judgement of ourselves, our loved ones and our past. Can we be free of pain and suffering and move on to a more peaceful and happy life? The answers to these questions and more are in the follow up to the last podcast on addiction. Drugs and Alcohol part 2. Listen now to change your life!

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27 thoughts on “Drugs and Alcohol Part2

  1. Hi Robert,

    I meant to post this comment long time ago, but never had the time to do so.
    First, thanks very much for what you do to the whole community.
    I stopped smoking 3 years ago and, from my perspective, the only thing that helped me to enforce my will to do so, was the fact that I started observing myself in this habit:
    When leaving the house in the morning on the way to the bus stop, at the bus stop, when other people were smoking (especially women :o) etc.
    Coming from there, it’s very funny and interesting to listen to this podcast series about addiction.

    Thanks again and god bless.


  2. Robert,

    When “the moment” occurs…when habits are about to take hold due to stress/etc…and my habitual escapism is about to occur, it can be very difficult at that moment to remember and invoke thoughts/techniques we’ve been discussing (due to years of reinforcement). When this moment occurs in my life…when the reaching for drugs or alcohol is about to happen…would you please re-iterate something(s) I can immediately do…a mantra or something…to bridge my mind to these wonderful suggestions..? I welcome input from anyone, really..

    ~ Mark

  3. Robert,

    Thank you for the wonderful work you do here. You have made a real difference. I stopped smoking on July 4 — Independence Day! Two things made the difference. First, I finally decided to quit. I had been smoking outside the house for years, so my smoking might have been initiated unconsciously, but was practiced consciously. Once I decided to stop, I consciously could think about it.

    At this time of decision re the next cigarette, your suggestion made all the difference in quitting. “I allow this body to be nicotine free!” When I reframed the decision to be one in which I was allowing my body to do what it wanted to do, quitting became much simpler.

    Thank you

  4. Addictions part 2 brings up a question I have been struggling with over the years. When I step outside the situation rather than reacting to it, then formulate my response, I feel like I am giving up a degree of spontaneity and sincerity in my response. I feel like I am becoming detached to the extent of not caring. How do I go to the mountain top to find my path, then return to the path with sincerity?

    In the traffic example, I have been exemplary as recently as today, I’d rather not be spontaneous. And in a work situation today, I was able to not react to a situation but to come home and question myself about why I felt uncomfortable. The answer was illuminating. In these cases the high ground is good ground. In other cases, a delayed response seems like detachment.

    Thanks for your insight, I greatly appreciate it.


  5. Hi Robert,
    Thanks for giving me another tool in the process of my recovery from Alcoholism and tranquilizer addictions. I’m fortunate to come accross your pod casts just when I need them. Along with accupuncture, AA, NA, therapists and the writings of Anthony de Mello I feel your insights have much to offer us trying to cope with the reality (and beauty) of a sober life.


  6. Dear Malcom,

    Thank you for listening and I’m very happy to be of service to you in this context. Remember to see the beauty in falling down as well as getting up:)



  7. My children bought me an ipod for my birthday last year, and I’ve finally learned how to use it… on your show! After I turn off the lights, I listen with headphones to each show before doing my own meditation. It works great! I am in that happy stage of spiritual progress, where things seem synchronistic, and lots of opportunities to practice what I’m thinking. Or is it thinking what I practice.
    It still puzzles me how we can seem to hear or understand a message all our lives, or at least think we have an uderstanding, only to be blown away by the most ordinary and mundane of insights. Your show is exquisitly sensitive in its pertinence, and your dialogue shows great sensitivity and wisdom.
    Thank you for sharing yourself. It’s making a difference.

  8. Hi Mare,

    Thanks for the wonderful post! The more I observe life, the more I seem to experience that all things are connected and that there is no coincidence at all:)

    Happy to have you with us!
    Great use of the Ipod too.


  9. Excellent post, as always. I hope your quest for peace is going well, my friend.

    Trying to get back in touch… email me!


  10. Hi Matt!

    Thanks so much for listening and supporting the podcast! I sent you an e-mail with the new contact info:)

    Blessing to you and yours.


  11. Hi Robert, I have been listening to your Podcasts for awhile and find them enlightening. I have a drink problem and have fallen down many times in my quest to quit and have lied to the one I love most many times.
    I was a religeous person for thirty years attending as a Jehovahs Witness. things changed in my life and I left some twelve years ago. I have never replaced this with anything, but feel after listening to your Podcasts that I already have the tools inside me to find that better place.
    Cheers again! Terry

  12. Hey Robert, great podcast! I had at one time studied Pure land buddhism with a local Sangha. I havent been back in about a year, I fell off the band wagon because I started smoking and Drinking again. My dilemma is all my friends are smokers and drinkers, even my girlfriend. I’ve tried to quit before, but my girlfriend is telling me why bother. It would be great if you did a podcast on how to deal with people who are bad influences on you. is it best to part ways with them and find more people that share the same values as you. Or is it best to let things go on their path and be accepting of them? Its a hard call, No buddhist would like to judge another person, but then again, if the ship is sinking, isnt isnt it best to find a life boat…

  13. Hi Joe,

    I think that your idea about doing a podcast on how to deal with people who are “bad influences” is a great idea. I’m going to focus the next podcast around this.

    Thanks for the inspiration.



  14. @5:13
    I like the way you say “I don’t know, because you are stupid” and then laugh 😀
    haha… That’s funny.

    PS: Great podcast as usual.

  15. Robert,

    I have been following your blog for some time and did a fair amount of yoga and meditation last year but stopped.

    Today, I have a drinking problem. I drink so I can stop beating myself up for things I did in the past. It helps to shut down that little voice in my head saying ‘look what you did!’

    I think I have aquired enough knowledge to deal with the issue but I keep failing to do so under the excuse of ‘I don’t have the energy to fight, even if it’s good for me’.

    any tips?

    Thanks for being out there.


  16. Hi Tom,

    Don’t quit! I’ve found that if you stay with this and work on not beating yourself up you can succeed in the long run. It’s just a habit to beat yourself up and you can over come this by observation. As in the podcasts we have talked about the silent observer and how we can learn to watch and be aware of our action without condemning ourselves. The cycle of activity can change and perseverance is a real key factor in dropping and old habit for a new one. If you want I can e-mail you some daily reminders that can help. Let me know if you would like that.



  17. Hi Robert,
    I’ve just stopped (again) after a 2 week bout of drinking. I was blaming another person, but I know the reason was in me. It’s great to feel the welcome hand of AA again. I’m no expert on the program, but AA is a spiritual life. It has helped countless millions. I was wondering if perhaps you could go through the 12 steps, and do a podcast on your thoughts. Thanks again for the wonderful work,

  18. Robert,

    I’m very curious to know what your definition of spirituality would be? I’ve learnt a lot from you, thank you. A friend said to me the other day, and I think you could really use this…”count your blessings”, isn’t that just wonderfull, stop thinking about what we haven’t got and count the things we have, all the simply things that are in reality the ‘only’ things.


  19. Listened to a few episodes … especially loved the episodes on cultivating the ‘silent observer’. Robert, you got a really soothing voice, a peaceful voice, a voice that can inspire to turn to the peace within. I admire your style of talking off the cuff, the beautiful words pouring out straight from the heart… intend to listen to the rest of the episodes… Also loved the music bit at the beginning.


  20. Pramod,

    Blessings to you and thank you for your kind words. The music you hear is the Native American flute. I have been playing it for about 14 years now. It’s a very healing and haunting sound.

    Yours in service


  21. You podcast has been truly inspirational in helping me to highlight issues I did not know I had. So, this is just a thankyou comment. I only just discovered the show, so I have another 40 or so episodes to listen to. again, thanks. KD, UK

  22. Dear Robert,

    I discovered your podcasts in August. I have listened to them all in succession for the past 2 months! I am so glad to have found someone who clearly understands and can guide people to bring themselves peace. I have been working on shifting my conciousness for 3 years now, have changed many things within myself! BUT I am glad to be able to hear your clear reminders on how to flow through the various challenges life can bring. Thank you so much..waiting eagerly for the next! Oh! and I hope the classes in D.C. are going well.
    A Big Hug from Berlin

  23. Hi Robert
    Just a quick hello (I cant listen to your podcasts at the moment only read the comments) but just wanted to say thanks for considering addictions and compulsions I am currently in the process of dealing with the consequences of mine and am struggeling to find a way back to the path (my path?) all I can say is addictions and compulsions are extremely powerful and attractive in modern society and it is difficult to see their true consequences until crisis point, i wish I had fully appreciated this before my crisis came

    love and peace to you all

    x Andy (in England)

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