Tuning into your Higher Self

Using your breath, the silent observer, acceptance, mindfulness and your perseverance to move forward even when you think that you cannot possibly move forward. Put into practice silence, surrender, observing self as action. Fall into feeling it all, then release your attachment for the need to feel frustrated, angry or depressed. Observe your thoughts and feelings by silently watching them without analyzing them. Just allow them to be what they are and surrender into i don’t know. Stay with I don’t know and don’t do anything, just surrender to the moment and accept it. observer your self from outside yourself, be watchful move beyond the mental blocks you have created. Keep on surrendering until you have no more feelings about the event, circumstance, situation. Move forward with your task at hand. clear now without judgement. A new time of “control” arises in us, experience it first hand.

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Tuning into your Higher Self

4 thoughts on “Tuning into your Higher Self

  1. Robert,

    Why do we have dualistic minds?

    Thanks for the time and effort you put into your podcasts. They have made a difference in my life.



  2. Good question. There is much debate as to why we have dualistic minds, but my “belief” is that without them we wouldn’t no the differance between peace and no peace. More to come in a few new podcasts that will address this in more detail.


  3. It seems to me that we are trying to transcend the dual nature of judgement on any even, occurring by letting go of the emotions and thought that have let to arise. Now, having said that I also think there is a very subtle difference between -not acting with a dual mind- and indifference. And I think this would be a great topic to explore in a podcast.

    In “Conversations with God” by Neale Donald Walsch the dualistic nature is shown to be a reason for the initiation of creation for -it says: (paraphrased/summarised) The knowing is not being. And in order to reach the stage of being you should experience in relation to something that is not it. Hence the father (knows) Son ( experiences ) Holy Spirit (is). Namely, the god that knows had to experience to be. In other words If you believe in god and ask the question of “Why doesn’t the kind God I believe in fix all the wrong in the world?” the answer is first that you connot experience kindness without harshness and you cannot be something that you cannot experience and second if he forced a change (thinking of god in a seperated sense I guess) then it would be interfering with your free will.

    Although the reason why the relativity (meaning the judgement of a quality in relation to the non-quality) came into being we encounter it as a must for knowing what it is. But did this have to be the way and if so why is a very deep question.

    And I wanted to provide a part of a verse from Tao Te Ching (Watkins Publishing, Duncan Baird Publishers, 2006 translated by Ralph Alan Dale)

    Part of Verse 2 “Relativity”

    We know beauty because there is ugly.
    We know good because there is evil.
    Being and not being
    having and not having,
    create each other.

    Difficult and easy
    long and short,
    high and low
    define each other,
    just as before and after define each other

    The dialectic of sound
    gives voice to music,
    always transforming “is” from “was”
    as the ancestor of “to be”.

    The wisdom of Lao Tzu from 2400 years ago has come to the realization the dualistic nature yet it doesn’ question why?

    It seems to be that asking why we should experiencing a dual nature is like asking why does any law that exists does?



    PS. And Robert, I’m happy to hear that I was inspiring for the podcast, I think that it is a great opportunity to connect with people in our search( of what may be different but still) and share our thoughts/emotions/ideas and experiences. Therefore I’m most greatful to have helped.

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