Enlightenment now?

Is enlightenment possible right now, or must we make a pilgrimage to India to experience oneness? A Quiet Mind challenges the notion that enlightenment takes years of practice, methods, or lifetimes. Can we reach a state of Nirvana simply by recognizing the fact that we have already arrived and our journey is over.

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Enligntenment now?

2 thoughts on “Enlightenment now?

  1. Robert I have just recently discovered your podcast and the way you teach and just wanted to say thanks!
    The way you are doing this is so very understandable and accessable. I work as a counselor in a community based residential inpatient treatment center in Black Mtn NC. Much of the therapy is focuse on what issues and behavior gets stirred up in the community as our clients interact together. Your focus and gift of how you language this I am finding very helpful not only for the clients I work with but also for myself. Keep up the good work!!! So much of the topics you are addressing are what we all struggle with on a daily basis.

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