Being here now (when we don’t want to be here now)

The mind never wants to be where it is. It constantly believes that this moment is not the right moment; this place is not the right place, this job not the right job, this relationship not the right relationship. It needs to be somewhere else, doing something else, feeling something else, anything else but what is happening right now. It can’t be at peace here and now because this place and these circumstances are not the correct criterion for peace. Because it’s not quiet enough, it’s not warm enough, it’s not beautiful enough, the people are not the right kind of people, etc. The mind needs things to change to be at peace. It has many conditions for peace to be here and now. Why can’t it find peace here and now? Because it has unreasonable demands that conditions be just so for peace to finally come. What can we do? Transcend the minds conditions on right and wrong, challenge its’ patterns of belief and refuse its’ unreasonable demands that things change. In doing this you can find peace in an un-peaceful situation. Use this exercise: Say to yourself, ‘I allow peace to be right here and now.’ Repeat often.

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