Anger Part 4

In Anger Part 4 we review how we see our anger and have empathy, understanding and compassion for ourselves.

5 thoughts on “Anger Part 4

  1. I could use some help with this one. There is a person who pushes all my buttons and has a very nasty, sarcastic temper and it shows itself frequently. The world revolves around her…..etc etc… Quite the challenge. Even my very calm, patient, tolerant husband finds her extremely difficult to deal with. I only have to deal with her a couple of times a year for a week or so, but if I can cope with her in the proper way, I can cope with just about anybody – and any anger.
    As said in the podcast, I’m sure she has a lot of pain and anger from her upbringing that she has buried and won’t deal with.

    Any feedback is appreciated.


  2. Just watch yourself (remember the silent observer) don’t sensor yourself, allow yourself to fell all that you need to feel about your reactions to this person. Write about how you are feeling and get in touch with your emotions and watch those thoughts. See that you are judging this person and wanting them to react and behave the way you expect them to act. Realize that you are condeming them for their actions and work on having more compassion and understanding for them. This is difficult no doubt, but you will see that you can let go of your expectations.


  3. Thanks Robert. I’ve had very few people in my life who can make me as angry as this person. Listening to the podcast which said to feel loving compassion and understand the person is in pain made me initially react with a NO WAY. And when you said it would be ‘extremely difficult’ my reaction was a bitter laugh. Then I realized that if I can’t deal with this person properly I might as well give up on Buddhism and peacefulness right now. And I won’t give up. One thing about the anger I felt – I was most definitely being mindful and in present!

  4. Robert,

    I was very anxious to listen to your Anger podcasts, as this is an issue I am working to overcome. However, when I listened to the file marked ‘Anger4’, it was just a repeat of ‘Anger3’. I can’t seem to get to the archives on this site, and iTunes doesn’t seem to have it. Can you please help me to retrieve ‘Anger4’?

    Thanks for everything you do,


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