9 thoughts on “New Look

  1. The “About A Quiet Mind” link gives a 404.

    And thanks for sharing all of this – I listen to it on my bus commute, and it starts my day on a wonderful note.

  2. None of the older podcasts are working. =( And haven’t been for a few weeks now. This is sad! I really enjoyed them, and want to start my buddies from the very first December 2005 podcast.

    Did I miss a news update that they’re no longer being hosted here?

    Thank you for the amazing podcasts, though. =D

  3. Hi Eric,

    I’m looking into why the older podcasts are not working, can you please tell me exactly what is happening and where when you are having the problem?

    muchos gracias


  4. I am looking for the Amazon.com widget you mentioned…and I can’t find it. Did it get lost in the migration to the new site?

  5. Robert,

    I saw your invite to the Saturday morning meditation, and what a great idea it is. Thank you.

    Unfortunately, I have a recovery meeting and some other chores to take care of on Saturday morning.

    I hope to be able to participate at a future meditation — I will try to be aware of doorways tomorrow, though!


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