Podcasting woes

Hello everyone,

No doubt some of you have been having trouble getting to the podcasts and using the new blog on the web site. I appreciate your patience as we work hard to get things back in order. If you are having a problem please post it on the blog so when can address it quickly.



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One thought on “Podcasting woes

  1. Hi,
    I´ve subscribe you nice podcast since the beginning and everything has been great so far, but since last friday in iTunes there has been problems with A Quiet Mind podcasts. First the were only four podcasts remainin (fri/sat) Now (today monday) I see none, zero, niente. And Anger part four seems to be the same than Anger part three (13:27) ? Hope you can figure these tehcnicat difficulties.

    Keep up the good work

    Juha Puhakka

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