Transformation Part 2

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In this episode we look at The Seven Spiritual Steps to a quiet mind. We will start by looking deeper in acceptance; both self and exterior. What drives you crazy? What is it that you cannot accept about yourself, your partner or the world situation. We will use the Seven Steps to find that gap in time and space were we can just be.

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Transform Pt1

In this episode we begin a series which will delve deeply into transformation and also the exploration of Zen Buddhism. I’m working on a longer post that will follow in about a week. Stay tuned.

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Fast and cleanse into the New year!

Hello All!

Not much to report today on the fast and cleanse but a nasty coat on my tongue that feels like a slick and tacky everglades born moss – ewe. And a little athlete’s foot (not on the tongue thankfully but the foot). I’ve had a few skin break-outs but nothing too horrific. I’m still passing some things (sorry to mention that but hey, we’re all grown ups, right?) and I can’t believe it! You would think after almost a full week of not eating that you would be pretty much emptied out. Apparently that’s not the case for yours truly. I have taken a picture of what I’ve been consuming over the last six days not including the salt water flush that I drink in the morning (10 ounces of filtered water and 1/2 a teaspoon of sea salt)

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Happy New Year!

Well I see by the old clock on the wall that I have been doing this podcast for two years now. Wow has it really been two years? I can’t believe it’s been that long! I must say that I’m very happy that all of you out there like what you are hearing and continue to listen, learn and share. I want to take this time to thank each and every one of you for all of your support, love and kindness over these last two wonderful years. I know that “A Quiet Mind” would not be here without you and your support. I’m very grateful to all of you and I’m honored to have this gift in my life. I thank you with all my heart and so does little Crucita.

me and little crucy in monterey

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