Transformation Part 2

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In this episode we look at The Seven Spiritual Steps to a quiet mind. We will start by looking deeper in acceptance; both self and exterior. What drives you crazy? What is it that you cannot accept about yourself, your partner or the world situation. We will use the Seven Steps to find that gap in time and space were we can just be.

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3 thoughts on “Transformation Part 2

  1. Hi Robert – first comment from me!

    I’ve found your podcasts very useful over the year or so I’ve been listening to them. They really help me to relax and develop spiritually – so thank you for your commitment and work in compiling them.

    I’m very much looking forward to this new series of podcasts over the next few weeks so good luck – and good job!

    All the best,

    Oxford, UK.

  2. Robert,

    You’ve asked us to explore the things that we have the most trouble accepting and one thing that comes up for me (in a variety of different forms) is fear. You’ve talked before about the fear of death, but I’m thinking of the fear of “simpler” things: moving to a new place or job, approaching members of the opposite sex, etc. Basically the fear associated with stepping outside of our comfort zones, I suppose. It seems that these fears stop me from taking the opportunity to enjoy a lot of things in life, so I try to push them away, much less accept and embrace them. Needless to say, that doesn’t work very well. :)

    Thank you for the gift of your podcasts. I’m sure that you are helping many people.


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