Happy New Year!

Well I see by the old clock on the wall that I have been doing this podcast for two years now. Wow has it really been two years? I can’t believe it’s been that long! I must say that I’m very happy that all of you out there like what you are hearing and continue to listen, learn and share. I want to take this time to thank each and every one of you for all of your support, love and kindness over these last two wonderful years. I know that “A Quiet Mind” would not be here without you and your support. I’m very grateful to all of you and I’m honored to have this gift in my life. I thank you with all my heart and so does little Crucita.

me and little crucy in monterey

I’m writing this post on the second day of a fast so I’m feeling rather lucid and sentimental. I don’t know how long the fast is going to be; as long as it takes I guess. Why am I fasting you ask? Well I wanted to do the fast for a few different reasons, number one being holiday over-indulgence and number two being the cheating. No not that kind of cheating – the other kind. For those of you who didn’t know I’m diabetic (type II) and vegan (type IV “the cheating type”). Oh cheese you are a devil and a temptress. That being said, I also wanted to fast because it brings me clarity when I’m having difficulty with something and can’t seem to get my head around it. Even when the usual means of walking meditation, quieting the mind, breathing, etc. have little or no effect, there’s nothing like a little self imposed starvation to inspire clarity I always say. So the result is what you see before you. I’ve been inspired to write the longest post in AQM history. Hold on, here it goes…

I was reflecting back on the podcast today and I realized that many of you might not know the history of AQM and how it came about. So if you are interested, read on. One evening about two years ago, a co-worker of mine (that at the time of this posting shall remain anonymous) was in need of a good listener and confidant. I received a phone call from him and he began to confide in me with some of the difficulties he was facing in his life. I was simply there for him and listened intently. I gave him a few things to try out that I thought would hopefully ease his pain and suffering a bit like breathing, forgiving himself, and accepting what is so. We said good-bye and I thought nothing of it.

The next day he called and told me that he had not felt better in years and that his depression was gone! Not only that, he said he felt fantastic! As we spoke further, he related to me more information about his present “condition” and mentioned that the tools and suggestions I had shared with him that previous night had worked better and more effectively than the drugs and therapy he had been receiving for most of his life. I was amazed and in utter disbelief. As far as I was concerned we had just had a simple conversation between friends and I had mentioned very casually a few things that I thought may help him . I had no idea these few simple things I shared with him could have such a powerful and life changing impact on him and myself.

As the conversation continued, my friend mentioned that I should share these concepts and tools with others. He said that these concepts could really help people out like himself tremendously. Then he asked if I had ever heard of a thing called a podcast. “What’s a podcast?” I said, “Sounds like a 70’s Sci-Fi movie that I remember. Didn’t it star Donald Sutherland?” Needless to say he patiently explained podcasting and blogging to me in great detail and of course, I was overwhelmed with all the techy stuff. After all, I was a visual web designer and back then we didn’t do all that coding stuff. As I told him this he said something truly amazing, “Hey you helped me Robert so I’ll help you. I’ll set up a podcast for you and teach you how to do it.” “Wow!” I said, “That’s so cool!” So this wonderful new friend who just happened to be a very savvy web guy set up the AQM blog and podcast in a couple of days! Not only that, he mentored me for months thereafter in the ways of The Techy Warrior.

He taught me how to do everything that was involved from creating the podcast itself, to uploading the files, images and podcasts. He also taught me about blogging and how to post and tag things so that I could be found by people. He also set up the Itunes account as well. Every time I think back to that moment I’m forever grateful for his help and feel indebted to him always for his generosity and inspiration. I don’t think he really has any idea of the impact that he made on me and what has become you, our listeners as well. One other thing that will always leave me in awe was the snowball affect that occurred after we launched. I can still vividly remember being blown away at being in the Itunes top 100 in Religion and Spirituality shortly after the blog was created. What a moment. Especially since I didn’t even know this list existed and received the news one day from this same friend. It was also a real thrill to see my subscriber base rise and rise from hundreds to finally thousands of listeners in a few short months. What an amazing journey this has been.

As I look back over the last two years as host of A Quiet Mind, I can’t help but think about the truly amazing miracles and many wonderful people not mentioned here that have led to its creation and success. It has brought me not only some of the most touching, personal and special moments in my life but has allowed me the gift of sharing and being of service to all of you. It’s been my humble honor to be here for you and to be a part of your lives in my own small way. I will continue to help you in any way I can along your journey of awakening and enlightenment as long as I’m able.

On that note I must say that I have found out a truth in my life recently that has come about by hosting this podcast. I have discovered that this is my only wish; that I can be of service to those in need and help bring joy and peace where I can. I now realize that hosting AQM is not only my life’s dream, it’s my true purpose and passion as well and there isn’t anything else I’d rather do in the world than be here for you right now in this way. I have seen that I have abilities that can help people that are in pain and I feel it’s my duty and honor to continue to share these. The path that has been given to me is to serve. I know that I must share from my own personal experiences, traumas and triumphs the tools that have helped me to overcome my own pain and realize a more peaceful and happy life. I can see that when I do this it helps people to heal and it fills me with joy to see that happen for you. Not only that but I know that when I do this for you, you will do the same for someone else when they are in need. This is magical, miraculous and liberating. I love it! I love being a part of that magic.

The magic works a bit like this. When a person is in pain they can’t function and can only think about and feel their own suffering. They become like an island unto themselves blinded by the aching misery from within. They are no good to anyone else or themselves. This causes a feeling of great sorrow in me to see this because I know that this pain can be lifted from us very easily and we can be free from our heartache. When a person is in this state there is only the pain and the primal need to escape or simply put an end to it forever. Without the necessary tools to make that escape, misery takes over. But once they posses the tools they need for transformation, they are free almost instantly. In this state of freedom they express joy instead of sorrow, courage instead of fear. Now that they have the tools for overcoming their agony, they can help others escape from their own self imposed prisons. This spreads joy from one person to the next. As others are relived of their pain and suffering they are filled with joy and pass it on. We are doing that with AQM; we are spreading joy. So as I see it, the more joy-spreading the better!

That’s a good segway into the next part of this post. (I can’t believe I just used the word “segway”!)

At this time I’m working on creating new and helpful content and more in-depth articles that deal in greater detail with the topics that are discussed on the podcasts. As you can see, the site has a new look and I have added some Amazon and Google links in the right hand rail and within the context of the blog. Some of you may wonder why these changes have been made. I’m glad you asked. Some of this has been added due to your requests for book recommendations and related content. Some of this has also been added in an effort to enable me to respond to the many requests I receive in comments and by email. Many of you who write are truly suffering and in need. I want to reach out to each and everyone and ease the sorrows right away and provide more in depth help but I simply can’t find the time in my busy life. In order to be able to help all of you that are in need and do this full time I must put some ads on the site and make a few changes. I’m sure this will have little or no effect on the quality and content on the site and as a matter of fact, may actually help boost it.

I’m sure that a few ads will not scare you away and after all; they may make it possible for me to be here more for you and create more helpful content. As always the content of this site will remain totally free of charge and you may share it with those you love in any way, shape or form. So I do hope that I have your continued support as we let AQM grow to its full potential in the coming years.

In closing this very long post I just wanted to mention the two blogs that inspired me to take this giant leap into the full time blogosphere. They are Zenhabits and Steve Pavlina. Thanks to you Steve and Leo! I highly recommend both of these blogs for your self-enrichment and inspiration. If you don’t already read them I’m sure that you will find them a good addition to your life and practice.

Happy New Year!

Yours in service,


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15 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. I just discovered podcasts yesterday. The magic was reading the words of this post and feeling the beauty of the one who wrote it. Many thanks for the friend who discovered the gift in you and convinced you to share the gift of love. I am one who has hit my spiritual bottom and have been devestated. In the recent weeks I’ve been reading Tolle and now to have another source of inspiration fills me with joy.

  2. Hi Brownm!

    When you have hit bottom there is only one way to go and that’s up! I’m here to support you in any way I can and all you need to do is breathe, accept and allow.

    yours in service


  3. This was an incredible post you wrote. I am so lucky to have found you myself. I am new to podcast listening (6 months) and have devoured many self help type pods but yours is unequivocably the BEST! i will always come back for more. How amazing that your friend called you at the right time and all things fell into place! It makes me believe even more! I am a firm believer of all things happen for a reason as I like to look in retrospect and I can follow the trail of myself and say ah!!! A few years ago I attempted suicide and no longer see a therapist. I feel pretty confident that with your podcasts and my reading and LISTENING – I will not get into that deep, dark state of mind again. Depression and sadness is normal in some people and we have to learn to deal with it and see it coming. We must be prepared for the “down” times as well as the good. I have armed myself with many good books and now have you to listen too. I keep my ipod backed up so I never inadvertently lose you! Keep on talking…..we are listening…

  4. Hi Robert

    Really enjoying your posts after only recently discovering them. Your sincerity and honesty shines through and I find that your message is repeated in so many things that I experience now from reading Chopra to seeing the light in my clients as they come to a realization that they have the power to change.

    Many thanks

    Steve Griffiths England

  5. Hi Robert,

    I have been listening to your podcasts while walking my dog. Thank you so much for these gifts! They really resonate with me. I will leave more detailed feedback in the future.

    Take care,

  6. Dear Robert,
    I eagerly await your next podcast……..will there be one soon?

  7. Dear Robert,
    me again…forgot to thank you for those links to Zenhabits and Steve Pavlina-very ecudcational and helpful! Keep up the great work!

  8. Hi Robert,
    me again, I just wanted to share something with you…..I had an epiphany the other day whilst sitting at the worlds longest traffic lights that I sit at every day. I realised that instead of wasting this time getting frustrated at having to wait-I would use the time to meditate and come into awareness-thus I would then look forward to stopping at traffic lights-quite a turn around huh? And then I thought-well I dont just have to limit myself to traffic lights but any time that I am waiting…..thus eventually leading into 24 hours a day (which is easier said than done). I was pretty proud of myself after this realisation! All it takes is a change in perception!! perhaps you could do a podcast on this??

  9. Through your talks my sister and I have learned a great deal. I’m now 31 and my sister is 25. We listen everyday in traffic on our way to the methadone clinic. I’ve become quite aware when thoughts arise, thanks to your techniques on mindfulness. However my question to you is am I stuck in a constant state of desire or craving, and even perhaps restlessness.
    I will explain a little better. I’ve been addicted to opiates for about ten years now. Since I’ve been on methadone I no longer have to steal to fund my habit, and can maintain a job. When I first quite I had terrible anxiety so the doctor puts on Xanax. Things got better. Unfortunately now I can see just how much they influence my life. Everyday I have to get my dose of methadone. So work, travel, and living situations revolve around an external thing. I tried to ween myself off the Xanax and had a grand mal seizure. Methadone is not a drug that you can just stop. I feel like I would love to further my practice but I have a major road block in th way.

  10. Im really sorry to hear of your situation. I just wanted to repeat something that robert said that really worked for me. Accept what is so. Stop having a go at yourself for your failures and just accept that´s the way it is. Only then can you start to build back up again. Just say ‘ok so im a bit crap at life’ and that´s ok. take time out, be kind to yourself and then when you´re not beating yourself up anymore then say ‘hey let’s change this just a little bit.’ Just a little, not a lot, then build on that. >Keep listening to robert too, he gives you confidence to do it.

  11. Hi Robert,

    Friday I left my office wondering just what was wrong with me – I seemed to be angry for no good reason – swearing and making cranky remarks.
    Having let my meditation practice lapse over the last couple of years, I thought it might be a good remedy for my grumpiness. I thought I’d see if I could find anything online about resolving anger.

    This led me to AQM – thank you!

    I spent a lot of time yesterday downloading and listening to your podcasts, and have refilled my iPod with them. This morning I listened on the train ride to work, and can really feel the difference (for the better) in my responses to people and situations.

    Thank you so much for being here, and for doing what you do. May you have happiness and its causes always!


  12. Your words show me peace,here in this moment and through my day…The live meditation on Saturdays is great…well done..I will spread the words..Kam75.

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