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Accepting what is so can be a very difficult task, especially when all of your board members are involved. Discover a new tool for gaining more peace around acceptance in this new podacast. Join in with the AQM community this Continue reading Stuff is coming up!

Transformation Part 2

Star Stuff In this episode we look at The Seven Spiritual Steps to a quiet mind. We will start by looking deeper in acceptance; both self and exterior. What drives you crazy? What is it that you cannot accept about Continue reading Transformation Part 2

Five ways to embrace the one you love

Five ways to embrace the one you love In this episode we are going to relaaaaaaaax and embrace everything with love! Five ways to embrace. What do we mean by embrace? The easiest way to explain embrace is to describe Continue reading Five ways to embrace the one you love

Breaking Habits

Oh boy! It’s the New Year again! So it’s time to resolve to break all those bad habits that we said we were going to break last year and didn’t…sheesh! So are we ready to be honest here and say Continue reading Breaking Habits