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Accepting what is so can be a very difficult task, especially when all of your board members are involved. Discover a new tool for gaining more peace around acceptance in this new podacast. Join in with the AQM community this Saturday at 8:30-9:00 Pacific time for a live meditation!

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5 thoughts on “Stuff is coming up!

  1. Hi

    I live in spain and have calculated that a Saturday 8.30 am live yahoo live meditation get together from California means I have to be present on Saturday at 17.30. Can anyone from Europe confirm this??? (preferably before tomorrow morning – I´ll check on here later tonight)


  2. Hi Robert – thanks for another great podcast. Hope the next one will be along soon (no pressure!) :-)

    Here’s a suggestion for you – the current format of the comment section below each podcast doesn’t seem to be attracting much dialogue. How about creating a forum section of the website where people can post threads etc?

    I’ve got my mother listening to your podcasts now by the way – I think she likes them but feels they apply more to other people than herself! Anyway, thanks for all your work – it is greatly appreciated.


  3. Hey,

    Great podcast! I feel tingly. It’s like everybody is realizing that things are happening. What is happening? No one really knows. Whatever it is, it’s going to change our world.

    People say we are the last generation. We will be the last to see the height of the decadence and consumption. Our children will only know what it was like from the stories of our youth.

    Our ancient wisdom tells us to love and embrace one another. There is no other way. Your podcast is a great act of love. A beacon to those who are lost at sea. Praise be to the First Cause for such consciousness. Thank you.

    With great gratitude and love,
    Another Yourself

  4. hey , i love your podcast. After hearing your podcast I’m able to concentrate on my work with much more with clarity than ever before.

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