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As you can see there are some changes being made with the website, so please bear with me as I learn as I go.  We are adding a forum to the site so that you can have your voice heard and interact with other AQM listeners.  I’m also working on some new pages that will include guided meditation, instruction on meditation and guided relaxation.

SPAIN Builds the first Solar Concentrator Tower in Europe

solar tower

Earlier today the BBC World announced a groundbreaking event for all humanity. Solar Power Concentrator Power Station – the first of its kind! Until recently ideas for such solar power stations were considered a mere science fiction and dreaming about our near future, but no longer. Engineers and Scientist joined forces in Seville, Spain and made the first solar collector power station. The system is made from 642 giant mirrors that focus sunlight into a single spot – the top of a 40 story concrete tower. The concrete tower is covered with water pipes and due to the intensive heat (sometimes more than 400 degree Fahrenheit) its converted into steam. The steam then goes to Steam Power Turbines which produce the electricity.

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Fast and cleanse into the New year!

Hello All!

Not much to report today on the fast and cleanse but a nasty coat on my tongue that feels like a slick and tacky everglades born moss – ewe. And a little athlete’s foot (not on the tongue thankfully but the foot). I’ve had a few skin break-outs but nothing too horrific. I’m still passing some things (sorry to mention that but hey, we’re all grown ups, right?) and I can’t believe it! You would think after almost a full week of not eating that you would be pretty much emptied out. Apparently that’s not the case for yours truly. I have taken a picture of what I’ve been consuming over the last six days not including the salt water flush that I drink in the morning (10 ounces of filtered water and 1/2 a teaspoon of sea salt)

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Five ways to embrace the one you love

Five ways to embrace the one you love

In this episode we are going to relaaaaaaaax and embrace everything with love!

Five ways to embrace.

What do we mean by embrace? The easiest way to explain embrace is to describe a hug. When we hug someone there is no space between us. Our hearts are close and our bodies are pressed together tightly. If we really have done the job of hugging properly, our breathing and heartbeats will sync up and it feels as if we are one with each other. The next time you hug a loved one, try to become conscience of your breathing by just being aware of the rise and fall of your chest and the rise and fall of your hugging partners chest. Just watch this then follow these steps.

1. Close your eyes: We are so visual that we are distracted easily by things in our eyes’ path. Closing your eyes allows you to focus better on the embrace.

2. Don’t grasp: When we try to hold on too tightly we can make our partner feel trapped and uncomfortable. A light yet firm embrace is the key.

3. Avoid the slap: The action of slapping the back is jarring and a bit disturbing to some. Try not to get over zealous.

4. Breath: Remember to focus on the breath and feel the sensation of your chest rise and fall as the breath moves in and out. There is no need to try and control your breath.

5. Acceptance: While you have this person so close it’s a great time to embrace with your mind as well as your arms. Try saying this as you watch your breath: “I accept you just as you are right now.”

This exercise can be used not only with a partner but on your self! Try the same method but hug yourself this time. You may also use these steps when your are faced with a difficult scenario or even with a difficult person. They don’t have to be literally hugged (though that would be ideal). You can practice with your imagination. So hug your enemy today and relieve some of that pain you may be carrying around.

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