SPAIN Builds the first Solar Concentrator Tower in Europe

solar tower

Earlier today the BBC World announced a groundbreaking event for all humanity. Solar Power Concentrator Power Station – the first of its kind! Until recently ideas for such solar power stations were considered a mere science fiction and dreaming about our near future, but no longer. Engineers and Scientist joined forces in Seville, Spain and made the first solar collector power station. The system is made from 642 giant mirrors that focus sunlight into a single spot – the top of a 40 story concrete tower. The concrete tower is covered with water pipes and due to the intensive heat (sometimes more than 400 degree Fahrenheit) its converted into steam. The steam then goes to Steam Power Turbines which produce the electricity.

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One thought on “SPAIN Builds the first Solar Concentrator Tower in Europe

  1. WOW !!! this really softened ny heart….small step but none the less an important one ..thanks for this info robert as usual finger on the pulse

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