Change is good

As you can see there are some changes being made with the website, so please bear with me as I learn as I go.  We are adding a forum to the site so that you can have your voice heard and interact with other AQM listeners.  I’m also working on some new pages that will include guided meditation, instruction on meditation and guided relaxation.

11 thoughts on “Change is good

  1. Hi Robert
    Like the new website & the guided meditation pages will be really useful .
    Keep up the good work


  2. Hi Alison,

    Thank you, my hope is to have some of this up and running within a month or so and would love your input as I move along.


  3. Your calendar is full at the centre,great! A live gathering with people present should have many less “connection” problems :D…the audio will be right on too.Do they have streaming broadcasts or podcasts of events?

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