Don’t Worry It’s All Just an Illusion

In this podcast, we go further into how to quiet the mind by watching our thoughts during daily activities and embracing feelings and emotions.



13 thoughts on “Don’t Worry It’s All Just an Illusion

  1. I’ve subscribed to your blog several years ago, always got the notification (some felt like years apart).

    Today I managed to actually listen. I fully agree to your thoughts. The “everything is just an illusion” train is partially dangerous. A nice way to hide from one’s own responsibility (which is futile :-) ).

    Compassion is key from my point of view.

    Let me share one of my favorite sayings: “Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.”

  2. Not been here for a while…….realise I have missed you Robert. Thank you you are so helpful…..

  3. Not been here for a while…….realised I have missed you Robert.
    Thank you: you are so helpful… my thoughts.
    I know I want to start my project of mindful drumming. This podcast has awakened me, I need to come down from the mountain and get it started.
    I love to help others and can do this through my music.

    Great podcast thanx again


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