How Do I Quiet My Mind?


4 thoughts on “How Do I Quiet My Mind?

  1. Hi Robert

    Thank you for this podcast.

    I was looking for a reminder about how to remain present. I know it’s something you’ve spoken about previously, many times, and rightfully so.

    My mind drifts a lot. It’s very difficult to remain completely present.

    One place my presence is absolute, without any effort, is in and around nature. Especially if I’m in my garden. It doesn’t matter whether I’m weeding, planting seeds, watching (and listening to) the birds, or just looking around to see what mother nature has been up to.

    It’s the other situations in my life that I need to work on, and be present when I’m washing the dishes :)


  2. Best fish session ever. I even grinned to myself thinking of the wonderful dinner we had last night and the dishes are signs of abundance and happiness!

  3. Hi Paul, Thanks for your comment and honesty about noticing your drifting mind. Just in noticing you’ve taken that first step toward presence. Good job:) I remind myself daily to stay on task and not let the mind monkeys take over. Namaste

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