Where I become a test subject for following your heart’s desire.


I’m jumping in and taking you with me! Join me on the journey of following your heart’s desire. Let’s step into the unknown together and take the leap of faith. In this podcast we talk about:

  • Embracing your own inner teacher/guide and waking up to your full potential.
  • We create an experiment to see what happens when we turn around 180 degrees and go in the direction we are guided to go.
  • Embracing the opportunity to wake up and see our true self.
  • The void we feel. The disconnect is nothing more than a thought or thoughts arising that we decide to hook in to, give meaning to, embellish and create the story we call ‘self’.
  • We look at being content, happy and peaceful by dropping the concept that something from the outside will make us whole. (If only I could change such and such about myself, I could feel good and be happy.)
  • If you no longer attached to these thoughts and you dropped thinking all together, what would your life be like ?

We came in here complete, needing nothing but the basics in life. We complicated this by constructing a separate self. That is the idea of a self that is separate from all others and all things. We can dissolve this separate self and experience life the way it was meant to be experienced. Happy, blissful and full of joy!

9 thoughts on “Where I become a test subject for following your heart’s desire.

  1. one of your best works,check my tweets from Dec 2…nice job.Sent you a few bucks on paypal for a job well done…gassho..

  2. I intercepted your podcast because of knowing (from long ago, not so much recently) Ami Chen-Mills-Naim from back when the Three Principles Approach and what Syd Banks spawned (which I’m still a student of) was called “Psychology of Mind” (around 1996 I think). I saw her post of Facebook, and just I listened to the podcast. You are the first person I’ve heard mention Vernon Howard – that was interesting!

    I like how you see it as “experimenting” with a quiet mind, and this different way of living, and yes indeed Mr. Howard was good for pointing out the follies or actions of ego-mind, and pointing towards living from a different mind.

    I’m also on this adventure, since the other way hasn’t brought much of what it’s supposed to bring. This was perfect timing to hear this – I’ve been looking at some of the same things in myself/Self (Funny how things work out like that). Will be interesting to share insights…

    Happy Adventures,
    Eric Platt

  3. Hi wonderful blog you have. Been trying for years of the quiet mind 8 years buddhism. zen ,,, practicing many relgions. My issue I found is that when I try to practice I feel like im broke and need fixing and that causes me anxiety. I think back as a child and I never needed meditation religion or anythng but a sun shiny day and my toys. Was that the answer to stop needing something. ? I need no answer just a thought. Maybe I give up seeking anything and just be a kid again

  4. Thank you for your honesty and for being so genuine. I really like how you stress the point that even the average joe can meditate and improve their life. It reminds us that we are all equals. I recently read a book, Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch that you and others might find thought-provoking and inspiring.

  5. Robert,
    I have been seeking a peaceful, quiet mind for some time know. I have read, or tried to read several books, and listened to several guided meditations and programs. I just wasn’t getting it, the concept continued to elude me.
    I have been listening to your podcasts for a couple of weeks now as I drive to and from work. Though not in chronological order, from the first podcast, I was hooked and it started to click. You have a comforting, pleasant speaking voice. You are able to articulate the concepts of mindfulness in a way that is easy to comprehend. You have removed the mystery and are demonstrating that peace, and a quiet mind are attainable. That it does not take a lifetime on a mountain top to find our inner peace.
    I am now less judgmental, irritable, and anxious. I have more patience with my children and others around me.
    Thank you for what you are doing. You are doing good, and I will spread the word.


  6. Hi Robert,

    I enjoy and gain insight listening to your podcasts. I can deal with my own struggles more effectively through the wisdom and struggles you share. I hope all is well with you and you are able to continue to post these podcasts. Thank you.


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