iPad meditation app will be out soon!

We have created a meditation app for the iPad and it will be in the iTunes store soon. If you are interested in the app please send me an email ( robert at aquietmind dot com )and I will keep you posted on it’s release. If you are at the Wisdom 2.0 conference DM me or tweet me at (@aquietmind ) and I’ll be happy to demo the app for you.


9 thoughts on “iPad meditation app will be out soon!

  1. Hi Robert,
    I don’t often leave comments on the web but because I have been an active listener and silent participant of your meditation community, I will make an exception.

    I have mixed feeling about these meditation apps. On one hand I thinks the use of technology is great if the principle is to expand the reach of meditation practice. On another hand, technology, phones and other devices are part of the reason why people can’t stop and watch/listen. I am actually struggling to understand how I could meditate staring at an iphone/ipad….

    While I respect your decision to use technology, I hope it isn’t driven by a marketing drive to make the news together with the new ipad fad.

    Simplicity is key to peace of mind and sometimes technology, when used inappropriately goes against it.

    thanks for being there


  2. Hi Tom,

    Thanks for your thoughts on this and I do believe that you have some valid points here that I hope to address. First I wonder if you listened to the last podcast “Tweet my Facebook status on MySpace,” were I go into exactly what your concerns are about the overuse of technology and gadgets as a method to distract us. So I ‘m well aware of the concerns that you have brought up in your comment.The concept here is not to capitalize on the iPad fad, or make it into the news as much as it is an attempt to use technology to introduce people to meditation who would never consider it. I work in this field and see first hand the suffering that is caused by to many gadgets, to much time in front of a computer and overwork. This is my attempt to turn some of those people into meditation practitioners using something that is familiar to them such as the iPad. My purpose it to ease some of their suffering and pain. Another motivation is to help many of my listeners that can’t meditate in the conventional manner IE sitting meditation focused on the breath. Some of my listeners are on breathing machines, in wheelchairs and unable to sit up, or go outside. Hopefully this app can fill some of those gaps for them and make meditation easier. And finally The podcast itself is conveyed via the web and listened to on devices such as the iPhone, iPod, the iPad, computers etc, and A Quiet Mind would not even be here if it wasn’t for technology. As in most things the key is the way something is used by the operator. We are really working hard to create something in the vain of service and not in the vain of capitalism, or subversive hype, we genuinely want to help others ease their suffering in any way, shape or form that is available to us within reason. I just attended the Wisdom 2.0 conference in Mountain View, Ca. The topic of the conference was how do we merge technology and wisdom teachings in a thoughtful and wise way. I talked with people from Google, Twitter and Facebook and found that some of them understand that what they have created causes distraction and may even keep people from socializing in the conventional manner. I was pleased to see that they have this awareness and some want to help change it for the better. I’m on that page and I’m sticking my neck out there, trying my best to deliver something positive with the tools we have been given. So many wonderful and heartfelt communications have come my way via Twitter, Facebook and A Quiet MInd, it would take many pages to fill all the positive things that have transpired between myself and the community here. Maybe I should communicate more on that in future. It’s a mixed blessing technology but I believe if we work together to use it wisely, it can be one of the tools that can bring mindfulness to the masses and free many from suffering. We all need to wake up and I’m passionate about facilitating that process. I’m hoping that others are as well and remember it starts with us right now in this moment.

  3. Hello,
    I too have debated the use of technology, especially concerning the attachment it creates. I am a NYC HS teacher and see the effect of this everyday as students clutch their cell phones and ipods like life vests. I myself got my first cell phone only 2 years ago at the age of 29, and although I was given an ipod as a gift, I hardly used it. However, I recently decided to look for a meditation timer, and discovered many apps on the ipod/iphone that work quite well and am finding the bell and chime tones help to keep my attention and center my focus within. Also, since with a timer I don’t have to constantly check my clock to see if I’m late for work in the morning, I’m able to focus even better and be absorbed by the moment. So it really depends how you use the technology, and make sure that it doesn’t use you, if you know what I mean.
    I recently decided to purchase an ipad to replace my cell phone (I can’t stand the companies, contracts and fees–the ipad with 2 free apps now lets me send and receive texts and calls for free when I need to) and to make my work a little bit easier. So I’m looking for a good meditation app for it, and this brings me to my question, Robert: when can we expect to see the release of your program? I’m excited for it and am curious what it will be like, although from the one image that you have posted, it looks good. Will it include a simple timer? Please tell me any details that you can.

    Thanks for your time, and take care.


  4. sounds like a bunch of” tweet my face book”……….ya know…”make meditation easier”………………. just sit……..thats all……

  5. Hello Robert,

    We met at Wisdom 2.0, and also on Twitter . . . I just discovered your site, and would like to thank you for your thought provoking articles and podcasts.

    May you be well, and deep bow to you!


  6. Hi Marguerite!

    Thanks for your warm comments and support of the blog and podcasts. It was a pleasure meeting you at Wisdom 2.0 and it would be nice to stay in touch. I’m very impressed with the work you are doing with your blog http://minddeep.blogspot.com/ and Zen Hospice. You are an inspiration to me. Gassho _/\_

  7. Hi Robert, I am interested in the iPad meditation app. In the past I had tried meditating on my own but I really didn’t have the understanding of meditation. Last year the Chopra Center had a 21 day guided meditation course online and I decided to do it. Wow, it was of great help to me. I finally understood what meditation was all about. David Ji and all the teachers were very helpful. My point is that I still use my iPad for meditating daily and like it. I use it for meditation music, reading inspiration in your quietmind site, etc. I’m not into all this iPhone, iPad technology, but I do love it for my meditation. Thank you.

  8. I have just started listening to your podcasts…and waoh! I can’t possibly say how incredibly helpful your teachings have been to me these past few days. Life and living has a whole new meaning. Thank you and thank you so much for your great work. I can’t wait for the apps!!

  9. I just got turned on to your site by one of your Aunts in S. Ca, while sitting in a Starbucks. With regard to your attempts to become more accessible to some; it occurs to me that the lamp that illuminates awareness, to a beneficial path, will not be corrupted by my judgement, but marveled at by my feeble ability to create and design my experience without the the energy and happenstance of others.

    Peace and thank you for your existence and energy

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