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Are you using social networking to avoid being social.


Have you noticed yourself Tweet-ing and Facebook-ing in social situations to avoid talking and interacting with people?  I’m constantly observing people in line at the store, at the airport, on a plane and in the elevator engaged with their device.  We are immersing ourselves in a medium that is helping to create social barriers with our fellow beings.  A new distraction that keeps us from meeting our true self in the form of those around us that manifests as our peers.  Our peers can represent aspects of ourselves we may be having trouble accepting and we don’t want to confront that because it’s uncomfortable.

  • put your phone down at lunch
  • in the elevator put the phone down and smile at someone
  • make a time at night to turn off all devices and sit quietly for five minutes
  • leave your phone at home one weekend day or part of that day

Take it slow, take your time and be easy on yourself.

7 thoughts on “Tweet my Facebook status on MySpace

  1. no phone here,just a little Twitter on the PC..thats it.I’m still present =) Living out in the “bush” these networks have opened up a few new friends to me actually..a good thing.I suffer a bit more now cause of the stories of others I read on networks.The world is opened wide by all these and it is a troubled place..but there is hope too…some..
    “It is in our nature to destroy ourselves”
    Great to hear you and being back on the path…gassho _/\_

  2. I’m so glad you are still podcasting…I was just about to text my friends to tell them all…

    thanks for this

  3. just a little message from the netherlands. I embrase the thought of not being always ‘connected’ to the phone or email. I reduced watching tv, not to get disconnected, but to calm my thoughts. And often I stay silened for a few hours. Do your laundry, housekeeping, or daily business at your work in silence. To do that you wil have to shut your phone 😉 It is sometimes difficult but rewarding! grtz ruud

  4. Hi Rob,
    two things that spring to mind `
    1) through technology the world is a lot more accessible
    2)As mentioned its also displayed a wider picture of trauma
    as if we cant help being on a path of implosion”.
    But even a candle is bright enough to light up even the darkest of rooms……

  5. I was listening to the 3/16/08 podcast Transformation Part 1 when our Host quoted:

    The tao that can be told
    is not the eternal Tao
    The name than can be named
    is not the eternal name

    The Nameless is the beginning of Heaven and Earth
    The named is the mother of 10,000 things.
    Ever desireless, one can see the mystery
    Ever desiring, one sees the manifestations.

    These two spring from the same Source, but differ in name.
    This appears as darkness.
    Darkness within darkenss
    The gate to all Mystery.

    This first Verse of Tao De Ching is corroborated by the Sorcerer don Juan Matus in Carlos Castaneda’s 8th book “the Power of Silence” where he describes inadequately in words “Silent Knowledge” which is a human ability to know without using words or names. Also the “Dark Sea of Awareness”

    In Tao verse 2 it says:
    Therefore the Master
    acts without doing anything
    and verse 3 concludes:
    Practice not-doing, and everything will fall into place.

    Don Juan teaches us that ” not-Doing” will “Stop the World”.
    That doing is a habit of perception. And not-doing is a Sorcerey technique of perceiving without naming. The reality of the Tao is that perception ( sight,hearing,touch, taste and smell) are not simply afferent functions – they are afferent and efferent. When we perceive we assemble consciousness into solid objects. The rational idea that we perceive objects through our senses and interpret them in the brain to form consciouness is only a description of reality.
    The Sorcerer’s decription is that consciousness comes to us from infinity as zillions of tiny energetic aware threads, that we assemble by perception into a solid world.

    If you are interested, there are some MP3 online to listen to at:

    I am definitely going to renew my aquaintence with the Tao De Ching. Thanks alot!

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