Forgive and forget

Let’s turn the other check this week! I rhymed, how cleaver. Forgiven and forget and feel free and at peace. Quiet the mind by letting go of the bullsh*t.

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5 thoughts on “Forgive and forget

  1. This is a very simple message ,but the implications are HUGE….my mom listened to this podcast (she,s 80 &…catholic)and this opened up a lot of wounds from her past ….but once we both acknowledge the profit of CARRYING around hate ,anger,guilt ,denial etc etc is ZERO !!!!!!!!!!!!! made such a big impact in coming to terms with the small steps in moving forward

    once again my sincere thanks go out to you robert.

  2. Hello Robert – thanks for the profound ponderings your comments have caused for me. I am also very curious to know if that is your music at the end of this episode? It is beautiful.


  3. I have a problem where I hold grudges because I get upset with people and I stray from people. I isolate myself. How can I detox myself and create make myself stop dwelling on the past. What kind of meditations, etc. will help me?
    Thank you.

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