I’ve been meditating on this word often (Bodhisattva) and I have learned much from it’s multitude of meaning. One day as I was meditating deeply it suddenly popped into my head and began to repeat over and over again. I began to identify somehow with the word and it’s relationship to my path as I stumble in the footsteps of the Buddha. I believe the word holds some magical qualities and they will be revealed to me, spun out of my subconscious in tendrils of sound, light, smell and as time passes become solidified into an paradigm of awakening.

Bodhisattva: (Sanskrit) or bodhisatta (Pali) Thai: โพธิสัตว์ phothisat) is a being who is dedicated to attaining Nirvana. Bodhisattva literally means “enlightenment (‘bodhi’) being (‘sattva’)” in Sanskrit; it also refers to the Buddha himself in his previous lives.









Here is another tune composed in Moab Utah by a bubbling stream using my five holed medicine flute made by Coyote Oldman.

2 thoughts on “Bodhisattva

  1. Hello!

    I have been listening to your podcast for the last 5 months and have enjoyed it immensely … I’ve had my 6 year old son join me (he is autistic) when I listen and believe he is calmer for it.

    On a tangent… I’ve enjoyed the flute music you start and end the podcast with… How long did it take you to become proficient? do you have any links or advice for where you can purchase and learn the medicine flute!



  2. Hi Roberto,

    I’m so happy that the podcasts are helping you and your son in some small way, I would love to hear more about your experiences listening to music and the podcasts together. I picked up the flute in Sedona about 15 years ago and I played it hour after hour. It is not a hard instrument to pick up and play and I encourage you to give it a try. I’ts very healing and calming.

    thanks again


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