Cleaning house

As I become more awake and more aware, I notice that my past ways, habits, opinions and actions seem to fall by the wayside.  My opinions no longer have the hold on me the way they did in the past.  It truly doesn’t matter to me anymore who the best drummer in the world is; I no longer care to sit for hours in a dark, smelly bar arguing politics with a drunk stranger; I don’t care to go deer hunting and fishing anymore; I don’t care to extol the virtues of gun carrying and killing your own food; I don’t care to sit and complain about the government, the president, immigration, abortion or the price of  gasoline; I no longer care to weigh right against wrong, who’s god is the best and whether or not Osama should be hunted down and killed.  Terror, fear and worry no longer rule my life.  I don’t depend on the stability of the dollar, the stock market or the terror threat level to dictate my mood.  I have taken a vow to fast from the news and I feel better for it.  One only has to know oneself to understand the state of the world.  I no longer have a desire to be informed.  I know there are injustice, pain, suffering, murder, rape and cruelty occurring every second of the day.  “But we have to do something!” I hear you cry out.  So I say, “From within it manifests outward.”  In other words, we are our world.  Heal yourself as you work to help others.  Simply stated, a drowning person cannot help another drowning person.  When we are calmly grounded we can help with more power and stamina.  If we are in this for the long haul, we must constantly be preparing and powering up.  Clean your own house before you clean your neighbors.  Meditate on calmness, love, empathy and stillness, and then be an example to others as such.

2 thoughts on “Cleaning house

  1. I think this site and your work here is making me look at life in a better way, but I still have issures. In the last 3 years iv been in battle with what i what in life.. I meditate as much as I can day to day. Im going through a split with my wife, my mind feels iv moved on but my heart has not. Iv meet someone eles but cant move on! In some way I don’t want to move on. I know the only presure I get is from me. Im so trying to know me in a better way, but fall back sometimes.. My wife and I could easy get back together, but we know we ant on the same page, and that scares us. We still love each other. But we are not the same..? We have been together for 12 years, and have a step son which I only see him now and then.. Sorry to be negitive, but i do feel lost and alone at times. It feels right sometimes then not? I feel guity sometimes, and feel iv let my family down. Times like this I wana just cry. O and im a drummer and I do care of being the best…Lol. Thanks for listening..

    Trev….. UK Kent.

  2. Hi Trev,

    Don’t give up! Keep working on yourself and the rest of your life will begin to fall into place as you get clearer and let go of the old ways. Good job man!



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