Practice, practice, practice!

Why do we have to practice?

Easy, practice makes perfect, right? Right! Though I believe that perfection may be an unreasonable goal, repetition is one of the ways in which we learn. We also learn by example and by mimicking what we observe others doing. If we have no solid example of semi perfection in our lives, then what we have learned may not be exactly perfect. After observing our lives and seeing the results of our labors, we may be a bit perturbed at the outcome of said labors. If so, what can we do to rectify the situation? Can we undo what has already been done? The past is the past and there is only right now. At this moment a new chance keeps unfolding itself over and over again. Right now we have a new chance at life. Forget the past and embrace this moment because from this moment forward, you are reborn into the new. What is past is past. We don’t need to fret about the future at all, in fact, worry solves absolutely nothing. So the lesson is, be here now (thanks to Ram Dass). So what will you do with your unfolding golden moment of nowness? Worry about what you did in the past? Not a good idea. How about forgiving yourself of your so called misdeeds and while you’re at it, forgive everyone else their misdeeds. This life is too short to hold grudges against anyone for anything. If you are holding a grudge you are living in the past and your life is passing you by as you create pictures of moments that have already occurred. You are a spiritual prisoner of your past deeds. Let go. Forgive. Love and be free.

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