The noble art of mindful listening.

How many times have you listened with all of your heart, deeply, silently and without judgement. This week we will practice the fine art of mindful listening. Practice with someone you love or someone you loathe. The latter being even more rewarding.

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7 thoughts on “The noble art of mindful listening.

  1. Hi Robert and others,
    ‘Listened’ to this podcast in the car on the way to work this morning. Its strange, I have been feeling overtly rushed these last few weeks. Like i feel this massive pressure to be the shining light in the people i meet withs’ life. Pressure to know exactly what to say and when to say it. But this morning just hearing you say that it is o.k to let go, it o.k to surrender and just listen, was amazing. We are so concerned with what we think we need to do for others, instead of just being and actually listening to what the person you are listening too needs! Thankyou. I needed to hear that podcast!

  2. Hello Robert,
    I am wanting to express my appreciation for your sustained efforts and I am comforted by your energy and your motivation to spur us all onwards to a peaceful and rewarding understanding of how things are when you listen to and connect to the present moment. Although U have listened to so many great podcasts – I know I am only beginning, and please know you are helping, and this is a beautiful moment unfolding.
    – Jimmy.

  3. I just reread last sentence. I typed a U when I meant to type an I in that sentence, as in “Although I have listened…”

    Not very mindful typing on my part. I don’t think that was freudian, either. Just sloppy typing.

  4. Thank you both very much! I’m happy to be of service and never mind the typo, it’s rather ironic isn’t it that you used a “U” instead on and “I”. A wonderful Freudian slip:)


  5. I just wanted you to know how much I am enjoying your podcasts. I found them just a couple weeks ago and I have listened to almost all of them. Thank you for giving so much of yourself to this endeavor.

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