What to do with feeling lonely

It’s wonderful to be back in the studio again and I do hope that this new podcast will be worth the wait! This time we are focusing on the breath again. We also go into the void of the unknown and it’s secrets to our origin of being and fun stuff like that!

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2 thoughts on “What to do with feeling lonely

  1. Probably not the right palace but its good to see you posting again Robert hope you are well I will be listening to this podcast tomorrow on my regular commute to work … very much looking forward to hearing from you again… peace to you and all

  2. Bonjour Robert,

    J’écoute tes balladodiffusions (podcasts) tous les jours en me rendant au travail à Montréal. Je pratique le Viniyoga depuis 3 ans au centre Terre et Ciel:

    Yoga Center near Montreal http://www.terreetciel.ca/yoga.htm#lnkRacines

    Merci pour tes bonnes paroles, tes méditations et ta philosophie !

    Thanks for helping people find happiness in their path.

    Video I did in 2005 with TKV Desikachar

    A link to improvised and inspirering from our rock band Purva Anga Karma…

    (the improvisations inspired by peace) Udu, Rhode Island and June the only arranged song we’ve made.

    Off Jazz, Travellers and Alucar

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