Why do we do what we do?

What is the point in all of this, I can’t beleive that I’m doing this? Is this all I’m worth? Am I here only to toil and suffer. I have no passion, no drive and no direction. What’s the pint in going on? Do you ask these questions about your life. Are you tired of it all, had enough, ready to give up on it all?

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Why do we do what we do?

11 thoughts on “Why do we do what we do?

  1. hi robert. i just wanted to see if you got an email i sent you to your email address. My name is meredith and I wrote about detaching.

    thank you, m

  2. Hi Robert,
    this is my first visit to the site (apart from when I subscribed). It’s quiet here, so I just thought I would say that I love listening to your podcasts. THey have made me reflect a lot and of all the similar types of podcasts out there (that I have found). I like yours most.
    I am too busy right now to comment specifically, but just wanted to say, I’ve missed having new podcasts lately, so keep on talking! It’s good to hear you.

    All the best,

  3. Hi everyone! I’ve been so busy I have not had time to do a podcast! I promise I will do one this weekend.

    Thanks for the suppport:)


  4. Why don’t you keep on what youare doing anyways..? Robert could you take the opportunity of being busy, and analyze it an be with it. Maybe you’d like to tell us what/how you fell with it and maybe talk about how you may still be acting from a place of stillness, and still be intact with the understanding/feeling that we all want to be in touch with. Even in the midst of all sorts of duties that you’ve put on yourself/being expected of you..

    Thank you for your podcasts I have been enjoying, your thoughts, your soothign voice, and all your effort to put all of this together.

  5. Hi Robert
    Thankyou for your words of wisdom, you explain everything so well and I’m truely inspired,


  6. Hi Robert: I have enjoyed all of the podcasts that you have posted on your site, and managed to get my head around most of them. This one however is a mystery to me. Is it about self discipline? Faith? Reap what you Sow? Sticktuitiveness?

    Thanks so much and keep on blogging!


  7. Hi Tee Tee,

    What are we here and what are we doing with our time here? I meant for us to look at frustration with what “is” and wanting it to change. Dealing also with the feeling frustrated and stuck. We looked at how to learn how to use our minds to overcome old habits and patterns, by watching how our mind works. Along with how we just don’t want to be where we are with what is going on.


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