The breathless state

In this weeks podcast we examine the breathless state and learn how to have an experience of total quiet in our mind by breathing consciously. Learn how to no longer attach ourselves to our breath as the sole source of life.

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The breathless state

12 thoughts on “The breathless state

  1. Robert

    I have been putting the breathless state into practice in the last two weeks and have found it very useful for quieting the mind because the urgency to breathe commands the attention. Then after about 5 or 10 minutes I find it easy to just coast with my breathing and can go into a very peaceful form of breathing that sends waves of peace down through my body and out my feet – and as I breath in, waves come back up my body to my head – it feels like the tide coming in and out – and now I find during the day whever I go to my breath – even if its a stressful interaction with someone, I can feel the waves of peace.

    Is my experience what you would have expected? Not to downgrade the experience,I wonder if at a physical level whether the way I feel is partly to do with giving the lungs a workout much like the relaxation you feel in your body when you have had a work out – would really like to hear more about your experience with the breathless state – you started talking about it and it sounded very profound.

    Is there any further guidance you can give for exploring the breathless state – Like for how long it should be held – and I notice its sometimes a bit difficult to relax with the lungs empty because to relax actually pulls air into the lungs.

    You dont realise but you have already given much to my wife and I and we feel much gratitude your way.


  2. Hi Rocko,

    Thanks for you comments on my blog:) Yogananda has bee a great blessing in my life as well a true Saint and guru!


  3. Hi,

    Could you please explain more about the breathless state. How long you should keep it for and what you should be experiencing. I noticed in your podcast you said you would put out a notice on your website about this but i can not seem to find it.


  4. Hello again Robert,

    I find the breathless state very useful in claming the mind & body quickly & efficiently, but sometimes when my mind is is a spin I find it more difficult to concentrate. I believe you said in the podcast you would put another one here somewhere using the bell & giving us more help with guiding us in how long we should keep in the breathless state for.I cant seem to find this! can you help? I am sure this would help many people.

    thank you

  5. Dear sir,
    It was refreshing to hear this practise. I typed in breathless state in google and was led to this. I find that if I squeeze and hold the tension wherever it presents whilst slightly but effortlessly holding my breath that I realise that I am hardly breathing but am not at all requiring breath. If I go on I can enter this domain. My being no longer has the time to breath. So What do I do with this? I cant tell many or really anyone? This is something I cannot even know. It was when I honestly faced that all I know is ideas, mental conclusions that something quite extrodanairy occured, This thing is beyond knowing and is purely being. I see what you are doing with this thing. I am struggling to know what I am to do with this not knowing but being. It was so nice to hear you, another talk in a way that shows me that you too perhaps dont know this truth but are living it. I am currently doing Biomedical Science as a mature age. I think I need to meditate on what is most important and rely on the answer to present.
    Take care
    Bruce- Sorry if this is an inappropiate space to be writing such personal comments. All the best

  6. Bruce, I too came upon what i would call the breathless state, at moments when there was nothing more I wanted to think about. I just left my (the) body alone to do its thing, and it seemed to want to slow down to almost no breath. I felt moments of extreme peace which fled as soon as I began to wonder what I was supposed to do with this new experience. The mind wants to think about success and calling and usefulness and the world’s suffering, and wants to think that I will do a lot to solve it. All this after a mere few moments of the breathless state!!!!!

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