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  1. Daily reminders would be great! Over the weekend I went through the podcasts and made some notes and have planned to pick out the most important points and make myself a list.

    If you would like – please share some of the things that stand out to you as you make your list.


  2. A VERY condensed version of notes I’ve taking from the podcasts thus far (not in order).

    Things to notice (w/o condemning yourself for doing so):
    -Accept others as they are, not judging. It takes too much energy to judge and criticize others!
    -Don’t expect people to be a certain way. Notice how you condemn, judge, label, prescibe fixes.
    -Seeking approval from outside ourselves. Give self approval for noticing that you do this. Big step in self-awareness.
    -Stand back and watch self as if watching movie, and all different characters in ourselves–the whiny child, the stressed adult…

    -Accept yourself, your life, situations just the way they are right now – w/o changes.

    -Pay attention when stressed, nervous, scared, angry, agitated. Pay attention to how it feels, then…
    Stop. Take deep breath. Notice what is going on. Are you accepting what is so? Out of control? Is someone/something else/the situation in control?
    -Notice the resistance but don’t condemn self. Approval to self for noticing this. Then let it go and accept what is so right now. Gives peace.
    -Can’t control what’s outside of us but we can control how we react to things.
    -When in negative situations – find something small to be thankful for.
    -Feeling negatively toward people gets in the way of achieving peace.
    -Don’t give people power to make us feel like badly.
    -Go with flow of life. Don’ resist. Important spiritual step. Choose battles carefully. Be aware of how often we are not in the flow and are resisting.
    -Don’t look to future situations in order to be happier (ex weight loss, new job…)
    -Never use self-condemnation as an impetus for change.

    -Mind wants to tell us this work is difficult. Mind will fight us (ego).
    -Small self: ego-mind
    -Big self: self we are trying to uncover – who we really are
    -Look at your small self and how you ID self. No condemning.
    -Look at how you’re perceiving things. Watch how this connects you to your perceived identity (small self). Look at how we identify self with things outside of self.
    -Accept identifiers of self. The more we accept what is going on in our lives, the more peace we find.
    -Always be aware of small self and how it’s running our lives.

    -In moments of silent bliss we discover this is who we truly are.
    -Non-method way of finding this true self (aside from meditation, mindfulness techniques, tai chi, etc…):
    -When you feel that experience recognize that this is you, your true being.
    -This moment is all we have!
    -Find a middle road – don’t tell chattering self to shut up. Become focused participant in our lives. Observe dialogue of the mind. Middle part is calm. Critique self w/o condemnation. Real self honesty.
    -We can be reborn every moment. We have a chance. Each moment is precious.
    -Observe when mind meanders off into the past or future. Take a deep breath.
    -It’s all okay just the way it is right now.
    -Remember to watch your breath.
    -Practice mindfulness in mundane tasks.
    -Stop being on auto-pilot. You miss out on life by doing this! Be here now.
    -Don’t take things for granted. Look deeper at the things around you. Everything is alive! Life force is within everything.
    -We are all connected. Even the space between us has a consciousness. Find the silence within the spaces. In the stillness is our true being.

    Wow! This is great!

    Thanks Annie


  3. Thank you very much for the podcasts, they’re a great start for my day!

    You’re welcome!


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