Everythings gonna be ok

Reminders on the path

Don’t worry so much.
Just relax.
You’re only doing the best you can.
Fully embrace every aspect of who you are right now.
Rest in being here right now.
Decided to feel good.
Don’t try so hard.
Just stop
Just sit
Just be yourself
Be the ONE
When sitting in meditation be comfortable, don’t try to meditate.
Watch your breath go in and out.
If you have thoughts, no problem just keep sitting.
If your butt hurts that’s fine just keep sitting.
If you can’t sit, just sit anyway.

12 thoughts on “Everythings gonna be ok

  1. Welcome back Robert! Glad you are doing better. Looking forward to all the new developments!

  2. Loved your podcast! “Every things gonna be ok”
    Wish I could join for sessions, but sooo far from me, I’ll keep listening to podcasts as available..
    Thank you four guidance.
    Love Lisa

  3. I just love that!! It is what it is. I have being trying to hard to get into moment?

    The last few weeks I have just starting to let go; and by doing so I am starting to believe in myself again!

    Thank you Q-M

    From TreV Uk South London Kent.

  4. I am definitely on a spiritual journey right now as I work through pregnancy depression. Every day I try to do some sort of ‘inner work’ and today I stumbled upon your podcast. Thank you so much for simplifying the practice of awareness and ‘being in the moment’ a little bit better for me. Will definitely be listening to this podcast again! ♡

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