So you want a quiet mind eh?

Once upon a time there was a thought, and the thought was, “a quiet mind is all you need.” A quiet mind is all anyone needs to feel happy, peaceful, whole and complete. If your mind just stops and becomes still, what remains? It’s simple really and anyone can see this. What remains is quiet and quiet by its very nature is peaceful and peace is nice. Peace feels good, it feels serene, and who doesn’t like serene?

Boy oh boy, what a crazy thought (to quiet the mind) because now there was a goal and a mission, an impossible mission at that. I must tell you, if you give the hyper analytical mind of an obsessive being such as myself a goal, you better watch out because it will stop at nothing to achieve said goal. So began the twenty year quest to achieve the impossible, to achieve having a quiet mind.

What a wonderful journey it has been. I have seen so much and learned so much. I’m literally bursting with things to share with you at this plateau of understanding, you the listeners, you the fellow travelers. If I haven’t said it before or often enough, I want to say it again and again. Thank you, fellow adventurer from the bottom of my heart for being here, for being my listening ears. I bow to you all with the deepest, heartfelt gratitude. Without you my friends, I would never have been able to make such a difficult journey.

How can one achieve a quiet mind and feel peace, happiness and contentment all the time? Those questions and many others will be answered in this next series of podcasts that will deal directly with how to quiet your mind. What do you need to do? All you need to do is show up and listen. I’m here to remind you that you are what you seek and happiness is your true nature. We are THAT and a quiet mind can bring peace, happiness and contentment to your life. Is that the end? No I think it’s only a good start but it’s a powerful start. So together let’s do this thing.

7 thoughts on “So you want a quiet mind eh?

  1. I discovered your podcast a month or two ago and have found it to be extremely helpful as I set out on the journey to quiet my own mind. Unfortunately, I had felt the need to ration the casts as I had assumed you had moved on to other things. I was so thrilled to see this new cast appear in my iTunes subscription list! So happy to have you back, Robert! Thanks so much for all that you do! You’ve made a significant difference in my life thus far! I cannot wait to hear what all you have learned and are willing to share!

  2. Welcome back Robert. I’m thankful to have been introduced to your podcast. Listening to them have helped me over adversity with a level head.

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