A Guide to your True Nature – Awakening 101

Speak from your heart the latent truth which resides there and it will emerge into the dream world as fact. Nurture the innate wisdom you carry inside by spending time in solitude and silence. Trust in that which arises inside you and guides you to face your fears, to love, to serve and to humble yourself. Open your heart by giving to someone in need. All sentient beings deserve your love. Be grateful for everything that has happened in the past. It has all happened for a reason, to bring you to this point in time. You are blessed. You have everything you need. LIfe is a gift. To see this life as a blessing, practice acceptance, forgiveness and compassion. In doing this you will step into and activate your true nature thus embodying your full potential. This action manifests dormant passions and stimulates your heart’s voice, revealing your purpose for being. Your calling is to love, serve and remember, to remember why you are here and who you truly are.

You are much bigger than you think.

Understand this; you are not the tiny mind that bleats worrisome thoughts inside your brain nor are you the fearful and impotent being you imagine yourself to be. You are not controlled by the media, the government or society. You are not the one who is enslaved and tortured by the stories and lies the mind spins. These ways of deceit and deception that arise in your mind are not true. They are not you and you are not bound to what they say. You are not the story you tell yourself. You are not the tiny mind, timidly living out your time here waiting to go someplace else, some place safer, better, quieter. Life is not a waiting room. You are here now in this moment to wake up and know this as fact. You are the Big Heart, the Big Mind, the Big Love that holds everything in existence. You are the energy that is comprised of love, courage, compassion, joy, bliss and contentment. You are what you are seeking. Nothing needs to be added to you to actualize your True Self and embrace your True Nature of Mind. Do this; stop looking outside for it; seek inside for the answers. No one else can or will acknowledge your true beingness for you; you must do this for yourself. There will be no outside validation of your innate wisdom. There is no one or no thing to be enlightened. There is no tiny mind. The tiny mind, the tiny self, is the only thing in existence that isn’t real. The illusion of self, a separate me, mine and I is all that is holding you back from total freedom. There are pointers to this truth and they are simple.

Be Still.
You are what you seek.
Love is your foundation.
See this inside you.
You are everything and nothing – Be this no thing – Be this everything.
Embrace not knowing.
Throw away being clever.
Stop being right.
You are not broken.
The world is not broken.
Nothing needs fixing.
You are free.
You are not the thoughts that arise in your mind.
Stop. Listen. Breathe and just be YOU.

13 thoughts on “A Guide to your True Nature – Awakening 101

  1. Thank you Robert! You helped clear the space inside of junky unimportant clutter :) sending gratitude and abundance your way!! ~Nicole

  2. Dear Robert, I am a Swiss podcast subscriber, in January this year I went through a state very close to burn-out at work, and more recently I experienced horrible back pain, and had to go though herniated disc surgery. I am recovering, but have also started to understand I badly needed to “quiet my mind”!! During the recovery period following surgery I had to walk a lot, and I went walking first around my block, then around town etc while listening to your 2006 podcasts! They help a lot, I love the concept of “silent observer” and also the episode in which you talk about anger that can be internalized and result in a dis-ease – well I guess this is me! I did not think of myself as somebody angry but I now realize this is because I keep it inside of me. Your podcasts are really helpful, I feel I still have a long way to go before I can be centered and calm at work, but at least I have realized that if I cannot change the external circumstances I can change my way to react to them – and should not forget to breathe! I will also not fight too much the circumstances but accept them and in doing so I should be opening myself to change – right?
    Thanks a lot for all this much needed awakening.

  3. Ran across you by accident on my ipod. One of the options in the Spirituality section. I really wanted to tell you that your podcast, writings, sharings are wonderful. Listened to several last night, very informative and soothing.

  4. Robert, as I read this I can feel my chest expand, anxieties dispelling and a warmth expanding. My small self fights it, but you show me something more to existence, beyond all the successes and achievements pursued by the ego and mind. I have work to do to embrace this in more than fleeting glimpses, which is why I am grateful for the tools you are providing to help me on this journey.
    Thank you Robert!

  5. These words were just perfect for me today. After my morning meditation and yoga, I felt the calm that then comes. But… then after checking my email my mind begins all the usual attachements and ofcourse the potentail fears that accompany. Reading this was ALL that was needed to simply nudge me back towards ‘that’ where I am anyway.
    Robert you have been an inspiration to me for years and the quiet ‘nudge’ towards where we are, is often all we need… as were there anyway! It’s ‘just’ a matter of rememebering we all have a choice at any point to wake up or continue to be lost.

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