Who or what am I?


An interesting question to ponder is, “Who or what am I?”

If asked silently to oneself alone in a room the answer can be dare I say it, enlightening.

Be curious, be daring, be open. Empty your cup and see what happens.

4 thoughts on “Who or what am I?

  1. Thank you for the podcast.

    Sometimes it’s just as important to define something by what it is not. I like how you remind us in this podcast that we are not what we perceive through our body, we are not our thoughts, nor are we the emotions that we feel.

  2. Hi Robert, I hope you are well. Thanks for another opportunity to stop and observe these fundamentals. I often wonder why “we” as a people or a society have become so far removed from these fundamentals and so possessive to the point of aggresion or destructive acts.

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