Bow in gratitude.


The practice of gratitude is honed over time with patience and humility at its’ core. A good way to experience this practice is bowing in gratitude. This doesn’t have to be the physical act of bowing (but that helps); you can just bow in your mind. When you see something arising in the mind where you see yourself stuck and desiring something you don’t have, stop and bow to what you already have. If you find yourself in the old habit of grumbling, complaining or finding fault in something, stop and find something to be grateful for. Look around you at those that are in need and give something to them. The ego resists this practice so we know we are chipping away at something of substance. I bow to you all.

3 thoughts on “Bow in gratitude.

  1. very special are very welcome _/\_ gassho… we interact over many miles and by a “web” but it seens like just next door and my wish is for the world to find this “place” and be at home here with us..everyone…in this web of understanding and mindfulness…………………………..

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