What are you willing to give up to feel peace right now?

In our lives we are attached to many things.  We are attached to objects, feelings, emotions, opinions, thoughts and desires.  When we are attached we are imprisoned by our own mind’s limited perceptions and expectations.  When we become detached we open ourselves to possibility, spontaneity and freedom from suffering.  We are no longer limited to our minds old habits and paradigms.

  • When we suffer we are confused, muddled and collapsed.
  • To become detached is to become free.
  • Detachment is freedom from suffering. doginjail

Look at what you can give up to feel the peace that is present in this moment.  Are you holding onto anger, fear, loneliness, sadness, expectations or desires?  Ask yourself, “Do I want to feel anger, fear, loneliness or depression more that I want to feel peace right now?”

  • Peace is always present
  • Freedom is always present
  • Stillness is always present

Get out a sheet of paper and put this down at the top:  What am I willing to let go of to feel peace right now?  Look at what you are feeling right now and ask yourself for each emotion, thought or feeling:  Would I rather feel this or would I rather feel peace?

7 thoughts on “What are you willing to give up to feel peace right now?

  1. Robert, thanks for this podcast, it verbalizes a very important issue I think. On one hand asking people this question can be seen as a bit hectoring and blaming of the victim…a lot of folks who are trapped in their own patterns see it this way. The flip side of this is the agency it gives to the person to free themselves. If you can see the way in which you are your own oppressor, you can be free. The challenge is bringing people from one end of the spectrum to the other…

  2. 1. Let go of negative people in your life
    2. If a friend does not want to talk to you, for whatever reason, send them your love and let go instead of hanging around and hope for the best.
    3. The same applies to other relationships
    4. Let go of gadgets you don’t really need. Do you HAVE TO be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?

    Thanks for the wonderful podcast!

  3. Whilst it is always important to work with accuracy, completeness diligence… it is also important to know when to ‘throw-away’.

    In the latest podcast ‘What are you willing to give up to feel peace right now’… I am so in awe of the fact that the ‘answer’ is in the question, in that it is in ‘letting go’ and then enthusiastically ‘throwing-away’ that truly lets us move on and find inner-peace.


  4. I am willing to let go of the belief that all that happens to me is meaningful. I am stuck in a feeling of expectation that everything is going to be alright. I’m not sure that it is. I am disappointed when something happens that does not fit within my current framework of meaning. But “in this moment, right now”, I want to let this go. I want to let bad things happen to me without re-interpreting them as a benefit. I want to feel upset when things go wrong, I want to feel angry, I want to be human.

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