If the birds are doing ok right now, why can’t I be ok right now?

When everything is crazy, nature can help soften the blow.

Out in nature, things make sense.   It’s balanced, harmonious and abundant. When we feel at our wits end, sometimes just a short walk in the woods can clear our heads and help us get back on track.

  • Walk mindfully.
  • Observe the abundance all around you.
  • Listen to the wind, the birds or the sound of running water.
  • Recharge yourself by releasing your problems and your concerns into nature.

4 thoughts on “If the birds are doing ok right now, why can’t I be ok right now?

  1. You are so right Robert! I listen to the birds all the time because it is just such a joy listening to them. /Especially now, during springtime.

    Not long ago, during my lunchtime I told my colleague: “Listen to the birds – how cute are they?”. She replied: “Have you never heard a bird singing or what?”

    Instead of feeling stupid and reacting to her I decided to take a deep breath and not be angry. I felt sorry that she is so tense and cannot even enjoy the wonder of creation.

    I even enjoy the 2 magpies which are sitting on the tree in front of my window every night at 10 pm. (I live in the South of England and therefore it is light quite long into the evening.) And never mind the noisy seagulls!!! :)))

  2. I never cease to be amazed what nature reminds me of, Robert, though the lessons are random and when I seem least ready for them. Today I watched a very bright American Goldfinch (a breeding male, apparently) picking thistle seeds from a garden bed I’ve been wanting to “restore order” to for over a year now. Instead, it helped restore order to me as I realized that ugly, messed up garden bed I’ve hated for so long now is providing for and nurturing beautiful animals of our world. Talk about a change in perception “in that moment”.

    As usual, thank you for all you do.

  3. Yes, that old saying is so true, “stop and smell the roses.” Hubby and I often stop and watch the birds in our yard and enjoy the small little piece of quiet in the city in which we live.

  4. I’m pretty new to the podcast and this is my first look at this site. What I love about the podcasts is that I feel I have found someone who thinks a lot like I do. There are so many meditation podcasts and website that get all too spiritual and mysterious. As a proud Atheists I cant believe in anything that doesn’t have some truth or evidence. Meditation for me has both because I know I have felt and lived better since I started. I don’t need people telling me that there are Gods and miracles involved when I’m pretty sure that our lives reflect our thoughts, so the better they are, the better life will be. Keep up the great pods – thanks.

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