A guided meditation for opening the heart.

This podcast is a tool for opening the heart through allowing.


This is a guided meditation with images I have photographed in Sedona.
There are no opening or closing credits in this podcast, so that you may
be able to use it without distractions

5 thoughts on “A guided meditation for opening the heart.

  1. Your podcasts are very calming for me. I especially like the acceptance podcast. I look forward to hearing a podcast for the remaining six steps, if that’s meant to be.


  2. Hi Pamela,

    I’m happy that you are getting something out of the podcasts. I’m working on the next steps and hope to have them completed soon.

    yours in service


  3. I work in a high stress environment where there are frequent elements of confrontation, danger, stress and so on. I stopped drinking 5 years ago, so using alcohol as a solvent to disolve the negative emotions of life and work is not an option. I have read reams from various religious and self-improvement sources over the years, and I can say that the podcasts from this site are the most insightful, helpful and useful meditations for real life applications I have ever encountered. If I can meditate on my weaknesses so that I am a more positive, more thoughtful, more kind person in my daily, then I have found a mental martial art if you will which provides me with a spirituality that truely works in reality. If I can bring empathy and compassion when I walk into the seventh circle of hell, then I may touch someone desperately in need, and help them. May God–or your Higher Power if that works–bless you Robert for putting your brilliant meditations in my path.

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