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Sometimes I see something that I really feel passionate about and I feel like sharing it with all of you. It may be a cool electric car, an Earthship in New Mexico or a way to help the gorillas in the Congo. From time to time I’m going to post these items here for you to action and and get involved if you wish. One of the things that has been really on heart hear tan mind is what has happened to the gorillas of the Congo.

After watching 60 Minutes a few Sundays ago I moved to share this with you… Please watch this video. Here is another good source of


3 thoughts on “Taking action

  1. just a quick note… basically i sponsored a project (Cool Earth) which buys & protects/preserves amazon rain forest
    2years forward in time and i saw on bbc2 a DOC on the amazon demonstrating the invaluble work being carried out to ” make a difference” in changing bad habits /practices ruining the amazon;relative to the area i helped sponsor.Its a good feeling to see such positive progress but more work needs to be done .I guess my point is ,that im personally moved to physically SEE what a difference a small contribution can do ,whereas before i just paid ,clicked,and carried on doing something else ….These indigenous people (real people like you and I) now have opportunities previously unavailable.. peace

  2. i have loved gorillas since i was very young,those people who kill them are cruel and heartless. i dont care how hungrey they are there are other
    animals out there. i am going to be a primatologist!!!!!!

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