Some great books to read!

Many of you have asked for books that I have mentioned on some of the podcasts that have inspired me and helped guide me on my path of awakening and learning, so I thought I would share some of these and help the podcast out a little as well. Today I became an Amazon Associate and created a widget to put on the blog. The Amazon widget that I’m adding to the blog only has content that I myself have read, watched, or listened too personally and that I recommend. This is not just a randomly generated list created by Amazon… it’s AQM approved! I select each item myself then create the list and add it to the blog. When you click on the links and buy a book, recording, or video not only are you getting helpful and inspiring information to use on your path, but you help keep A Quiet Mind operating and available to it’s listeners free of charge. So each time you but something via you are supporting us and making a difference not only in your own life but the lives of all our listeners. Thank you all for your continued support!


4 thoughts on “Some great books to read!

  1. Hi Robert,
    Great to see you back. A happy new year to you. Did you read “Awareness” by Anthony De Mello? I can’t recommend this modern spiritual classic highly enough. I will be looking up some of your choices in the coming months.

  2. Hi Robert,
    Great site and inspiration for me and many friends here in the UK. Thank you.
    I was wondering… here in the UK we use obviously. Is there anyway to get them to donate to you like the will?

  3. Hi Lesely,

    I will look into this next week. Thanks for your willingness to be supportive of the site and podcasts.

    yours in service


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